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Dev Tracker Missing?

Not sure if the forums are having an issue but I am no longer seeing the Dev Tracker.

Anyone else having this issue ?


I’m sure it was removed. It was nice 3 years ago. But now all it did was show how many devs didn’t use the forums anymore.
So as soon as Salty found the time to figure out how to remove it. She did so. (Only a theory of course.)

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I noticed it earlier but I assumed it was intentional since it doesnt really seem like something that happens accidentally.

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It disappeared coincidentally a week ago: new ways to bury head in the sand?
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:

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Even @Saltypatra has minimized her actions (e.g. Stream tonight was canceled without any info for the waiting people, the rest are just automated update posts), i think they are losing also their last motivation for any Community Stuff.

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I had a dev tracker topic from I think 2017, maybe I will Necro and update.

Idk what the dev tracker was but i assume this works in a similar way? https://community.gemsofwar.com/g/Developer/activity/posts


To give them the benefit of the doubt, just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean they don’t engage and take notes. Will reserve judgement until they release the new updates to see if they finally implement the overdue quality of life fixes.

That’s on me. I had such a severe migraine that I was in bed until 3 pm and completely lost my vision.

I presume the question was answered well earlier in the thread: we know over the past few months communication’s mostly been Kafka handling bug reports on a schedule and Salty fielding random questions. The game’s got a longish roadmap so instead of Sirrian popping in to discuss wild plans he’s not sure if he’ll adopt, he’s likely making sure everyone updated JIRA tickets and filling in Gantt charts. Toss the world (well, mostly just the US) falling on its face due to a pandemic and they probably just don’t have time to comb threads. If they aren’t posting, there’s nothing to miss, and the dev tracker “looks bad” because it implies there’s a lot of activity.

This thread also serves as a pretty good example of dev communication in GoW. The question on the table is tough for devs to answer because it might make them look bad, make players upset, and/or might involve talking about internal business they probably shouldn’t. Eventually, someone posts something off-topic and/or mean-hearted in the thread, so the dev representative shows up to correct that without commenting on the topic of the thread.

That’s our sign we’re not getting an answer to this question.


I mentioned before that I think the addition to bug report titles of [forwarded], [fixed], [not a bug] was a great improvement.

I understand devs don’t have time to reply to every feature request, but a [passed along], [coming soon], [not feasible] title post would perhaps help a little, and at least point out a dev has read the topic. Perhaps.


I’ve suggested before that they simply hit the button “like” on a post to acknowledge that they have read it. Nothing came of it though besides liking the actual comment I believe.


Dev like would soon turn into ‘but you promised that next patch’ :rage:

But I wish @Ozball was more involved in the forums, because he’d be good to answer certain questions. Even when the answers are ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t talk about that’ I’m OK with that.

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We haven’t made any changes to the forum super recently, so I’m not sure when it was removed or if it was something Discourse changed at some point. We did update the website awhile back as you all know so maybe it got lost in that change somehow. I’ve mentioned it to the team but it’s not a huge priority at the moment.

Almost every forum post from Devs comes from myself or Salty as that’s our job, so hopefully that makes finding info from Devs easier unless you’re looking for some original post by Sirrian back in the day. I did turn a couple of his old posts into Help Center articles as they were still relevant as I didn’t want any good information getting buried on the forum in some obscure thread. ie. Guild Wars scoring and stuff about how our RNG works.


To follow up, Kafka is correct.

I will be completely transparent on this, and let you know that we haven’t thought about the dev tracker in several months. It isn’t a priority for us, or something that crosses our mind. There’s nothing nefarious going on here.

There’s the forum’s dev tracker as noob mentioned at https://community.gemsofwar.com/g/Developer/activity/posts

There’s also the community run one at https://devtrackers.gg/gems-of-war