Critique: closing a (disliked) forum thread

Hello everyone :slight_smile: Please check the topic in question here:

→ Might I express the opinion that you could do a better job by handing out individual warnings / punishments instead to offending commentors. Please not just wildly click due to liking or disliking the actual topic content which acted as an excellent summary of comments made by moderators and/or devs.
(I’m aware that by writing this I’ll probably end up as … “the villain” and probably am in jeopardy to have a forum vacation incoming.)

→ Reads like you/r company dislike any sort of “public” critique. Because…

→ …the non-public critique in support tickets is more easy to [eventually/allegedly] ignore and/or dismiss?
(I’ve experienced first-hand how long it can take to even get any answer with a support-ticket due to a experienced game bug. @Kafka and @Jeto were both involved. “They know.” A year can be quickly wasted without any reaction. I hope you’re able to understand why it is hard for me to trust the support ticket system after what I’ve experienced. Can’t say anything positive about it without lying or compromising myself.)

→ “neutral third party” … “which could be my co-worker or my boss”. Seems like a convenient design. Surely no bland aftertaste.


There was nothing aggressive about the thread, just a place to keep track of things. To insinuate that it was is very disrespectful.

If that’s aggressive to anyone they should probably not be part of a team that handles public communication.

We knew that the new community guidelines would lead to more things like this. We voiced our concerns and we’re told “nah, nothing like this will happen”. Yet here we are…

If anyone still wonders why the players don’t trust the devs, look no further.


I guess the new community dev is living up to the name.

When you can’t flag them when they borderline breach community rules, support tickets as mentioned are not impartially reviewed, and then they close a thread that at worst, directly quotes them.

But don’t worry, if someone is mildly uncomfortable with an artist’s work or lack thereof, that is a top priority.


A Dev condescendingly requested that thread to begin with, and now some new dev comes along and decides it’s against the rules. Yes, a single thread containing all of the anti-player decisions and lies told by the developers is unsavory, but it had a purpose, and now our new friend gets to find out why it was asked for by the devs in the first place. If the community goes back to the “every gripe is a bug report” approach to grievances, the forum is going to be beyond unbearable for everybody.

It was born of narcissistic behavior from a developer in the first place.


Back from the month-long ban that many saw happen live, it has become apparent that it is no longer allowed to document facts in this platform in a civil and objective way, so I’m heading back to just lurking.

Thanks to all who showed their support through it all, and who still try to improve the game while navigating the increasingly subjective guidelines.
:blush: :vulcan_salute: