✨ #50 rank HOMEBOUND - full for now (30/30) ✨ 🚀 💫


I’m still waiting.


Hi Pkdetour!
Glad you’re still interested! Invite sent! (Sorry for slacking in my duties!)


Still looking for more players to join us



im looking for a new guild - I’m level 438 play daily in GW have all kingdoms so all gold will go to guild




Hi Jamstermogwai,

Sounds like you’re the kind of player we’re looking for! Just send me your invite code & I’ll send you the guild invite in the game.

Note: be sure to quit your old guild first (if you’re in one), in the game you can only invite players not already in a guild.

LP :pig:



Thanks for the quick reply

I have left now - my invite code is JAMSTER


Invite sent, welcome to HomeBound!

Be sure to join our Discord too, here is the invite URL for that:

LP :pig:


Looks like we have room for one more player!


I’m fun, sure would be nice to have another friend to join us ;_;


Is the Discord mandatory? Cause I usually play in short bursts / at weird hours so I generally only use guild chat.

Level 1064 here.


The short answer is no, we’re not so grand that we’ll turn down a 1000-level player because they don’t wanna do Discord! :grin:

That said, we really want members signed up there-- You don’t have to do anything on Discord, if you prefer think of it as a place we can send direct messages when needed, typically in cases where you have to be away from the game for an extended period-- broken phone, borked account, real life demands, etc.

Send me your invite code and I’ll have the invite out to you before I go to bed tonight- I’ll be up another hour or two.

LP :pig:


Sounds fair. Two things before I commit.

Could you confirm the requirements are strictly enforced? Cause I’m looking to move exactly due to requirements not being followed by everyone with no repercussions following. I know a week or two can happen to anyone as this is a game after all but when it becomes the norm you alienate those who try to meet / exceed said requirements.

Last but not least, ofc most people will exceed your requirements each week just as your average contributions say. But are those who fall in the lower half of the average looked down upon / booted? I ask cause I generally exceed the requirements by a fair amount but real life and/or new game releases might make me do less during certain weeks. Ofc I’ll always meet the minimum reqs and would have no problems leaving if I ever stop being able to keep up.


Good questions.

  1. YES our reqs are enforced! We try to be human about it, we don’t boot someone because they only did 97% of the mins one week, and we also count our requirements as fungible-- meaning you could skip the gold contribution and do double the minimum trophies and still be at 100%. This helps the lower-level guild members who are still leveling kingdoms. We don’t really need their gold anyway, better to build their skill bonuses. But yeah, we boot people… and because the guild is well-run, we don’t have to boot nearly as many as we did a few months ago… turning off open recruit helped a lot too :roll_eyes:

  2. NO. No one is looked down on because they’re lower-level or ‘only’ making their reqs. If you play your GW matches and make your minimums, you’re good. We want the guild to be helpful for everyone, and in fact one of the four members of our admin team is a 400-level player. We are nice! :yum:


Aight, I’ll hop in if you’ll have me. Just note I won’t be able to do seals as I generally have em done in 1/2 days and this week was no exception.



Invite sent, stop by Guild Chat and say hi to your new teammates when you get a chance. Welcome to HomeBound!


One spot has opened up, if interested leave a reply here or DM me. :pig:


Yup, definitely DM Lardy, and not me… I’m lazy :slight_smile:


Actually no. I promise I will beat Fatso to any invite to our delightful guild


It’s so quiet. :::crickets:::