✨ #50 rank HOMEBOUND - full for now (30/30) ✨ 🚀 💫


We’ve had a spot come available mid-week and hope to have our 30th member in place in time for next week’s Guild Wars (i.e. by Monday evening).

Have a look and if you like what you see, our operators are standing by! :wink:




HomeBound is recruiting again!

Note: Although there’s only one spot open at the moment, we anticipate several more openings after the reset.


Bumped; We’re a VERY friendly and responsive guild with more-than reasonable weekly minimums. Very active on Discord with great advice on teams, etc.


Hi, i want to join your guild if you’ll have me :slight_smile:

I’ve read the requirements. I will commit to surpass them regulary (i am level 460)

my invite is MANUEL_1

I’ll need confirmation first to leave my current guild


Hi Squarepusher!

We’d be delighted to have you in the Guild! :smiley:

The spot we were advertising got filled but there’s a new spot opening up today and it’s all yours.

Please let us know if you’re still interested-- I’ve notified our GM and he will reply here and send you an invite code in the game as soon as he’s booted our departing player. This should all happen today so we get you onboard in time for this week’s Guild Wars.



Thanks for considering me :smiley:

I’ve sorted things and left my guild


Great, our GM will send you an invite as soon as he’s booted our retiring player (only the GM can boot people or I’d just do it now)l. :yum:


Invite sent, welcome aboard! :yum:

Be sure to join our Discord too, invite URL is in Guild Chat announcements message…


Squarepusher, hello I’m said GM and an invite has been sent your way. Please let me know if you have any issues


Hello, I would like to join your guild. I can match guild reqs with eas
Invite: SAEMKI
about me: lv 314, vip10, all kingdoms at 10th lvl some with +2 skills mostly magic and swords
playing @ PC x4, atm im settin mono color teams


Hi Sae!

We’d be very happy to have you! We have a player going on ‘leave-of-absence’ so I’ll notify the GM to boot him now (I’d do it myself but only the GM can boot people).

Have you quit your current guild? If so our GM will send you an invite as soon as he gets the message from me. :yum:


Yeah, I left. Waiting for invite, hope it will arfive asap cause tomorrow GW! :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting to get back into daily play. Would be nice to be in a guild again.


Invite has been sent Sae, please let me know if you have any issues. Mr. Strange, I’ll keep you posted as we might have another opening shortly.


@Mr.Strange I’m in charge of record-keeping and am a little late this week. :flushed:

I’ve given Superfreq (our GM) the okay to boot one more departing player so we have a spot for you.

He will need your invite code & you should leave your current guild if you’re in one!



I would like to join you. Level 1041. Invite code: PKDETOUR


Wow, level 1041? We’d really like to have you onboard!

Sadly the last spot was filled yesterday and I forgot to update the ad. :flushed:

New spots come open almost every week, in fact if we unexpectedly don’t have an opening this weekend I know for sure one player is retiring at the end of next week.

I’ll keep you in mind and send you a personal notification when the next spot opens up!



HomeBound is recruiting again! We’re getting a late start today, but will be monitoring this ad closely so, if possible, we get you in in time for the start of Guild Wars tonight…


4/6 tasks already complete! Come join the fun!