✨ #50 rank HOMEBOUND - full for now (30/30) ✨ 🚀 💫


Let me check. I’m trying to invite.


Try guild tab > admin (top left) > manage and there should be a leave option there


I don’t have manage on mine, it only has info, ranks, shield, and announcement. I’m not the guild master so I don’t understand why I can’t leave


Hmm that seems strange, but I haven’t tried to leave the guild in a year. Hehe.


Im trying to find out if there is another way Lilla. Just let us know if you find it first.


It’s really weird I can’t find anything and the guild master won’t kick me out


I checked in YouTube and there should be an option under the admin section, even if you don’t have manage option.


I read that there was a bug during the last update that prevented people from leaving their guilds. Maybe that’s why nothing shows up?


Im not sure. I just recruited someone who left their guild. Do you have the latest update? Gow support should be able to help if your account is bugged.


I have it up to date but it really does seem to be bugged.


:frowning: grrr. Well just let us know when you’re free! We’d love to have you.



If you’re still looking for more players, send me an invite (TAERUQ)!



@Lilla, @Gunnrvalk:

Wow, what an annoying bug! Lilla should try leaving and restarting her device, then going into GoW again.

If that doesn’t work, I searched the forums and this thread may help:

Here’s hoping…


@Taeurq, invite sent! :smiley:


I’ll let you know when I have gained freedom :smile:


Hello can I get an invite to the guild now, it’s been fixed, thank you


Lillla,you sent me a pm that you want to be invited in carnivores,or it was by accident?


I only tried to join homebound yesterday, I didn’t try to join any other guild, I’m not sure why you got a message but I didn’t send one.


oh.ok thanks for the info,hope you got in


She did. :smiley: