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✨ #50 rank HOMEBOUND - full for now (30/30) ✨ 🚀 💫

If you’re an active player looking for a competitive-but-relaxed guild, you may have found it! :sunglasses:


• We’re a Grandmaster level IV guild (level 943), currently ranked 50.

• We’re looking for a mid-to-high-level player who can help us meet our goals. Minimum level to join is 300. The average level of HomeBound members is about 800.

• We typically complete all Statue tasks and 1-5 Legendary Tasks each week. We make 40k seals occasionally… when everyone’s saved Seals start to pile up we make a push to get it done!

• Our REQs are modest for a guild of our rank (see below) but are strictly enforced- slackers and leeches don’t last long here. If you do the reqs you will be welcomed, if you don’t you’ll be booted.

• Guild Wars is MANDATORY in HomeBound. We’re currently in bracket 6. Our emphasis is on participation – We don’t mind if you don’t score big in GW but you must play.

• We’re a relatively stable guild, most of our members have been with us at least a few months.

• Our GM follows Guild consensus when making major decisions. If you want to be in a Guild where you have a say in what goes on, you’ve come to the right place!

• HomeBound is a cooperative, friendly guild. Players help and support each other, and all members who contribute are valued, not just the ‘stars’… Join us!


200k gold minimum (average weekly contribution = 500-600k)
1000 seals minimum (1500 strongly encouraged!)
100 trophies minimum (average trophies/player/week = 250-300)
25/30 guild wars matches played (because anyone can miss a day, but we really want you to play all 30!)
Join Our Discord (it’s free & easy to sign up… our Discord contains many useful resources for our players)
Minimum level: 300 (average level is currently around 800 but we still have several players at lower levels)

If we sound like a good fit for you, message me or reply to this post. I’ll be checking in frequently, as will the GM and other guild members, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

-LP :pig:


I’m on console, but just wanted to say this is a very good recruiting post. Best of luck to you! (Saw your post in the other thread…)


Thanks Stan! Your posts here are very interesting. :slight_smile:

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…But stay tuned, we expect 1 or 2 new openings immediately after the reset! :wink:

One spot now open - if you’re interested, contact us now, we want to fill it before the GW reset tonight

Alas, we didn’t get our 30th player in time for Guild Wars this week, but the spot’s still open. Give me a poke if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, i’d like to join. I meet all of the requirements. Invite code = heinriche

Hi @Lardy-Porker

I’m still playing very actively every day and reach all requirements without problems.

My invitecode is “DEMAIO”, I’m level 305.

I’m currently in a small guild but only ~5-7 members are very active, which is quite frustrating from time to time…

If you like to invite me, do I have to leave my old guild first (did not switch a guild in this manner before… :wink: )

Cheerio Demaio

Hi heinriche999!

I tried sending you an invite but it seems you’re in another guild.

I can’t invite you until you leave your current guild-- or perhaps you’ve already found a new place? Let me know. :slight_smile:

Hello Demaio,

In order to invite you, you need to first leave your current guild. Let me know when you have and I’ll send the invite. :slight_smile:

@heinriche999 and @demaio

I’m very happy to have two possible recruits… but at the moment I only have one spot to offer!

I’ll send the invite to the first one of you who replies to me that they have left their current guild… please check the replies here so you don’t needlessly leave your current guild (if the other player beat you to it).

I’d like to get BOTH of you in HomeBound and we do have one ‘problem’ member. Our GM hasn’t booted her yet because she does do the requirements but never plays here GW matches on time. I will let him know I have a replacement for this problem member… so if you’re both still interested let me know, I’m fairly confident I can get a 2nd spot opened up within a day or two!

Thanks, LP

Our guild is filled! :rofl:
Thanks for your interest.

Three spots to fill before next week’s GW begins. Join us! :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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As GM of Homebound, I invite you to come join us. Our requirements are reasonable and we have a very solid core of members. If interested, please leave your invite code and we’ll get you started.

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All empty spots have been filled for now, thanks for your interest!

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Bumped, we need 3 good players, join us!

I’m level 652 can I join? My screename is lilianacaster, let me know and I’ll leave my current guild. Thank you

Yes! We’re ready to invite you!

ok, I’ll leave my guild, thank you

I can’t seem to find how to leave it, did it change during an update?