✨ #50 rank HOMEBOUND - full for now (30/30) ✨ 🚀 💫


No worries, I’ve got a friend who wants to join up as soon as he gets his broken phone replaced. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We don’t need to pretend we have friends so potential applicants think we’re cool, Porker


So this is what midweek recruiting looks like.


Yes, Gunnr. Which is a shame, because we’re delightful


Bumped. Still looking for player #30


friday 13 - bump,


Still looking for a friend


Invite sent! Sorry for the delay, it seems our Recruiter took a personal day (he’s very delicate)! :grin:

Discord is no big deal, you don’t have to post anything yourself if you don’t want, it’s just where our GM communicates with us. Invite URL is in our Guild Chat announcement.

welcome to HomeBound!


It’s true. I needed a mani-pedi and a good cry last night ;_;


Don’t forget to join our Discord-- we’re a bit tetchy about that! :grin:


Oh, there you are…

Apologies for the nag, I should have checked our Discord before posting! :upside_down_face:


…And we’re back! We’re hoping to fill our 30th spot in time to include in Guild Wars this week, so give us a buzz if you’re interested.

Operators are standing by!


Oh dear, this time I’m actually going to do my job and pay attention to this thread


Although now that I’m checking in diligently, even Bacon-bits isn’t even here to talk to me ;_;


Porky! Come back! You’re way better at making friends than I am ;_;


Aw, don’t go emo on us Taeruq!

It’s just like fishing, very quiet until you get a bite. :wink:






Last minute invite is ready to go :smiley:


G’morning forums