Sparclesack not dropping rewards

Sparclasack is not dropping any rewards when showing up in matches. The other gnomes are all dropping rewards however sparclesack isn’t. I have killed him more than 20 times this morning already and he hasn’t dropped rewards once.


Sparclesack isn’t a troop, who is showing up as a “gnome” with a reward. I guess you did some explores in Zaejin or you played against some “goldboost-teams” in PvP. He is a normal troop like every other troop too. In Zaejin you could also face the treasure gnome without a reward. Important is, to pay attention to this goldbag at the top of the troop. This means, that’s a gnome with a reward. The only time sparclesack is dropping a reward is in the vault-fight :wink:


Hey there, I’ve responded to your ticket as well but Maiq has covered what I would have said. Or here’s an article, check out “finding gnomes” section: