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Gnomes not dropping loot

After MANY hours, I have run into a troll three times. I beat him twice but I didn’t receive anything. My rewards were the standard key and a few gold. Is this normal? It kinda sucks that he doesn’t automatically drop a vault key when defeated.

Gnome not troll. I’ve seen a troll on average about once every 3-4 hours. That’s sucks but ok. What is worse is that even after you beat him there is only a small chance of him dropping a key? That’s crazy.

After reading the forums I believe there is no bug with Gnomes and rewards, however the Developers do need to work on the on screen notification and post battle rewards a bit more. As they are occasionally very unclear.

  1. It could have been a player Gnome. Are you absolutely 100% sure you got the special bag animation when you killed him?
  2. Your reward could have been a matching Minor Traitstone. Did check to confirm a triple Minor was awarded?
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I got the graphic both times I beat him. However, there was nothing listed on the reward screen that showed any sort of loot bag.

100% sure it wasn’t a player gnome and saw the special bag animation when I killed him.

But even if you win souls or minor stones, the rewards appear in a gold bag

Yeah there wasn’t a bag at all. Frustrating.

If Souls: Yes.
If you win a Non-MATCH minor Traitstone: yes.
However, If you win a Matching identical,Minor Traitstone…

As you are on console and it’s happening the vast majority of the time for you (66% of the time per your OP). Record a video!!! It ill help the Developers determine what is occurring.

I’ve only found 14 so far so its too small of sample to say one way or another (thus far I’m 14/14)

Did you win the match?

You won’t receive the treasure gnome rewards, even if you kill the gnome, if you ultimately lose the match (unsure if this is intended or a bug).

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Found 4 so far. Last one was a spectacular 100 souls. Why even waste my time.
Fwiw I’m rank 190 so I need souls badly but 100 instead of a gem/vault key or diamonds… is just a slap in the face

I don’t understand this mindset. Is it “more worth your time” to wait around and let it run away on purpose? Is your time better spent if it’s a normal enemy worth 1 Soul instead of a gnome worth 100 Souls? Did you somehow lose something by killing that gnome?

I understand that the rewards may not have been what you wanted, but…I mean, that’s how random drops work.


The 30k gold was fine. The 2 gems and then the 5 gems WITH a gem key was awesome. But 100 souls is just a waste. Their so rare its a slap in the face to get such a menial reward.

Anyone know if the difficulty affect the vault key battle rewards?

It won’t affect the special rewards from the gnomes. It will affect the souls and stuff you normally get in any battle.

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@Ozball is it true the vault rewards been nerfed also at the same time then the gnome rewards?

A few days ago there were no such things as gnomes, and you’d get 1 Soul for killing something. Today, you randomly got 100 Souls instead. A lower bonus reward than you were hoping for is not a “SLAP IN THE FACE!”.

Come on, dude. I get that you’re less excited by the common / lower rewards, but the snotty attitude isn’t helping your case.


many times ive gotten 3minor stones from a battle and it wasnt in the gold reward border so almost thought i didnt get anything from the gnome

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For those who say they don’t receive rewards, did you scroll the bar? Cause if you don’t scroll you might not see the rewards


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8 hours of PvP today and not one single gnome.
Please let me tell you how delighted I am.