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Gnomes not dropping loot

Gnomes are meant to be very, very rare. Also, to check if you’re getting gnome loot please see this article here: Missing gnome rewards

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They are so very rare i never saw one in real life :stuck_out_tongue:

He won’t answer that.

Just got the same problem with the raven in Boss Raid. Killed the bird and it did not reward the 2 vigils? to let me continue battling. Instead showed that I was down to 0 tries for the day.

Did you win the battle?

Just learned you had to win the battle…I guess I had won all the battles before. That sucks…it should be like the gnomes and be rewarded regardless of battle outcome. (Don’t tell me the gnomes only count if win the battle too…don’t tell me!

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Lol yup they do