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Gnome glitch explore

I just started a explore battle with not one but 2 treasure gnomes only neither one actually give any treasure…what’s really going on

Not only did it happen once but the next match also

Did either match involve the “ghost troop” bug where a troop is still on the screen at the end of the match? Did all gnomes have treasure bags on their troop pictures?

No they both died

Zaejin I presume? Looks like the upcoming quests for Thief class unlock have been added to the pool as potential explore templates, and these quests have treasure gnome troops in them. If they don’t have a bag symbol, they aren’t loot dropping Treasure Gnomes, and loot dropping gnomes are not scoutable.



Yup zaejin…so basically this isn’t supposed to be happening

This is one of the most frequently reported false alarms, I wish they’d just not put gnomes in the Explore pool.

Also, for players using gnomes on PvP defense, every loss should deduct 100 trophies from the player’s guild.