Souls Need to Go!?

So with the most recent updates. I don’t care what people say and claim. Souls need to go. It really is the hardest thing to acquire still imo. Even with Pharos Ra and all troops with necro and Deathknight armour… Still so so so so so so so so slow. And with this new explore stuff. Still painful to farm souls. Arena just sucks. Unless you are some kind of pro player that plays 20 hours a day and dies of starvation. With necro, pharos ra and deathknight… I still get less than 1k souls a battle. imo that is the worse $50 I have spent on a game for Deathknight. Ever since I got it… I have NOT seen any meaningful difference in getting souls. With all that rant stuff gone. Maybe this may help in the future in the current meta.

Instead of souls only souls. Maybe souls plus troop XP? For example. On top of normal soul collection… Each troop gets a certain amount of xp per troop kill and or spellcast? Just saying. I know this will get a lot of hate or whatever modern young folks call it nowdays lol.

Did you equip it?

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yes i did lol

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Soul boosting armor + moon moon (soul pet) + pharos ra + sol’zara + master of souls = 140 max souls in battle -> easily 500+ souls total reward per battle.
Using this for all daily tasks and most easy battles like the early stages of events I’ve gathered enough souls for Dawnbringer and all its pieces in 2-3 months while playing about 1 hour most days, 3 hours max.
I now mostly use it for daily tasks which keeps me at about 100k, sometimes I use it a bit more after I’ve added some stars to kingdoms for example.
Expecting 1K souls per battle, especially without very specifically working for that is simply not reasonable in this game.


LOL Souls, leaving?

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In time, the issue solves itself.



This is actually eerily similar to an idea I had when the game was very young, but I don’t believe it is necessary any longer. There is a bit of a dry period during the very early stages of the game, but once you have progressed far enough to pluck this low hanging fruit and have enough magic bonus so that soul farmers are somewhat viable and have built your first few viable teams, this should no longer be an issue for you. The game throws souls at you in a bunch of reward structures outside of just farming them directly and there are multiple farming options, some of which you can “punch up” with. If you stop hyper focusing on directly farming them and stop leveling troops that don’t meet a specific immediate need (eg., you need them for kingdom power stars right now or you are going to use them right now) you’ll see just how fast they pile up. They only seem scarce at this stage of the game if you are throwing them away right when you get them because you are going down a check list to “complete” every troop.

I’d also recommend not directly farming souls but instead using a fast-ish team that earns souls while clearing out some of your daily content, eg.,

(the talent you need for this to be optimal is start with a darkstorm, hero class selection is at your discretion otherwise.)


RiverSong is right, it feels slow because it’s supposed to be slow, this game is meant to be played not finished. Once you level everything, you’ll be complaining that there is nothing to use the souls for. I have 3 million souls and now I regret ever forging the second Pharos-Ra. Same is true of maps, I used to hunt for them a lot, now I have 6000 and never use them. Patience friend, patience.