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Souls souls and missing souls

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
More souls actually than were awarded. (previous win -88 souls)

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Archon Statue
Val - Fully traited / 17th level
Banshee - Fully traited / 11th level
Warlock - Necromancy traited / 8th level
Armor - Vampire Armor

and this is the next game with yet a different total same time - same 60

necromancy changes the cap before you start the game - thus you can see the starting cap changed from 40 to whatever, but armor/difficultty/vip still applies only after battle, thats what i think happens

I know that Warlock is bringing the ability to get 60. That isn’t my issue

What I don’t get it is every so often instead of 99 souls reward (for a 60/60 pull) I get some other number. That is my issue.

And I have only had it now 5 times out of the 16 times in the last few hours = farming.

Warlock present at the end of the game, and warlock not present (for those who might want to know the status of warlock when the game ends)

which difficulty were those explores

Normal - all the same

how about your guild statue soul % bonus?

These are battles within minutes of each other… Nothing’s changed. In fact it goes back to the 99.


There seems to be a display bug with Necromancy. The souls counter does account for the +50% souls gained until the troop is killed, but it does not subtract out those extra souls displayed when the troop is killed. Necromancy actually gives the extra souls at the end of battle, so if you gain souls before the troop dies, the display is inaccurate.

The cap is still raised from 40 to 60, and souls do accumulate up to that cap, but the display can show as 60/60 when you reach 40 souls gained.

Also, Alt + Print Screen will screen shot only the active window.

F12 for steam screen shots gow alone :slight_smile:

If a troop with necromancy dies you won’t get its bonus since there are no more a troop to give it. 60/60 counter shows you what you get (* the multiple from armor, guild bonus and vip level). But if your necromancy troop dies you won’t be getting those extra % of souls. The issue here is in graphic part and that the counter isn’t changed. when your necro troop dies your counter would go from 60 to 40 where it would be without necromancy. But it doesn’t get shown.


Check this out. It has been working for me. If your interested in souls. This will get you there. Currently I am collecting 254 souls per match