Soulforge Mythic Rotation


I knew it! :rage:

Edit: for posterity’s sake, I actually did manage to craft a Stonehammer this week. Hooray for the 5-10 diamonds each from 10-20 different event rewards over the last two weeks!


At least I’m happy Euryali doesn’t appear this week, as she might be the last Mythic I crafted.

If I somehow have enough Diamonds before the week end, I might consider crafting Stonehammer first, as he could be real useful tank in Delve. But I could try my luck to get him in upcoming Khaziel event. Euryali won’t have her own event for a long while.


Hi all. I was out of town for a bit and didn’t update the list last week. With a new rotation starting, the list is now reset and up to date. I’ll be out of town again for about half of October, so if the list isn’t kept up to date in the next little while, this is the reason. I’ll bring it up to date as often as I’m able to but it is too much editing to attempt on my phone.


Don’t craft stonehammer, you’ll live to regret it!


If I can’t get him by Event keys, I will have no choice but to craft him. He will be the last missing troop at that point (except Zuul’Goth).


I would advice against spending event keys to chase mythics. Most expensive way to do so.

Personally I would wait to forge him, that’s the most cost effective route.


You eventually reach a point of glory saturation if you check for tributes 12+ times a day (which I think Timeknight has claimed to do). The only things to spend it on are troop packs and event keys, so if you don’t need 35 copies of this week’s epic troop you might as well buy event keys and try for missing mythics that way.

This would be terrible advice even for late game players, but by the time you are hunting down those final few mythics you should be using any means the game allows, even if the conversion rate isn’t great.


Yeah, it’s okay to use excess glory to try for last few missing Mythic sometimes. I could get around 10K a week, so I could do that once in a while without affecting other stuffs.

Spending Gems on Event Keys though, that’s usually a bad idea for every players of all stages. Gems’ worth have changed a lot since Version 3.0, so it’s better to buy Tiers in weekly events, as you get more troops and Event Keys that way.


Still no Arachnean Weaver in the forge.

Anyone still tracking the rotations / could please suggest how likely this is to appear soon?

@stan I read above you are travelling / busy… dunno if you can look into this one, or anyone else help… it’s starting to bug me…


Based on my interpretation of the data, Arachnean Weaver should appear in the next 3 weeks.


Its currently 16 mythics into this current cycle. The next 3 weeks, more or less.

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@actreal @theidleone thanks


So Pharos-Ra is guaranteed to be in the soulforge in the next 3 weeks?


Going by Taran’s data (since I didn’t pay attention to the forge at all), yes it should. It hasn’t passed by in this cycle yet.


Thanks. I never pay much attention to the soulforge.


Yes - still out of town for a few days. I’ll get caught up again by the weekend.


The list is up to date now.

Question for the community: has anyone seen an indication from the devs on whether the Faction legendaries will be added to the Soulforge legendary rotation?


If they are in legendary tasks. Then they should be in the forge rotation as well. They’ve only officially said that the troops won’t be in chests.


I’m going to guess that they’re not going in the Forge - at least not yet, and I don’t think that’s a problem.

What level of player would need Faction legendaries in the Soulforge? Everyone below endgame has better things to spend diamonds on, and endgamers should have plenty of shards to get Faction legendaries to Mythic (on the way to getting the other Faction troops to Mythic which takes more shards).

Maybe when there are a lot of Factions there might be a better argument, but even then I’m not sure.


My argument would be that since chaos shards are not only hard-gated (maximum 3 delves per day) and shards are not guaranteed rewards from delves and the faction legendaries have a low probability of appearing in portals, that there should be some way to overcome RNG to obtain these troops. I haven’t been slavishly devoted to doing delves every day (in fact, they’ve been near the bottom of my priority list), but I haven’t managed to pull a single legendary from portals yet. Since there is no way to get them using chests or any other grindable method, I think it would be fair if they were available in the forge.