Soulforge Mythic Rotation


Huzzah! Finally got to craft Pharos Ra :smile:

Next stop, Dawn Bringer…



this is what they were talking about in chat


Updated for this week’s troops. Next week will be the final draw in this rotation with Draakulis, Plague and The Worldbreaker available, plus one other Mythic to start the next rotation (could be anything).

Edit August 7: I will be updating the original post, but not until Thursday this week.

Edit August 9: OP is up to date again.

Edit August 13: OP is updated for this week.


Still no infernus… should I hold before crafting…

Dang it


He’s definitely worth the wait.


I like this order for the Soulforge. I consider Infernus more important, long-term, than Pharos-Ra. If you have neither, you should definitely wait for either. None of the mythics available this week hold a candle to them.


OP is finally updated for this week.


OP is updated for this week.

Also, for anyone interested, the current legendary rotation is getting close to finishing, with 3 weeks to go. By my count, the remaining legendaries to appear over the next 3 weeks will be:
Bone Dragon
Keeper of Souls
King Bloodhammer
King Mikhail
Shadow Dragon
Yao Guai

As far as I can tell, the legendaries introduced during this rotation are not available but should be available in the next rotation, which will run for about 18 weeks. They are: Viper, Divinia, Saguaro and Medea (plus Lust & Wrath).


good job! you explained everything very well! I will follow the rotation with interest


Great job! Thanks for collecting


Let’s bet Infernus next week.


You’ve got a 36% chance, and a 100% chance in the next 3 weeks, so looking good? :stuck_out_tongue:


So does this mean the new mythic on 7th Sep will be guaranteed to be in soulforge in only 1 or 2 weeks after release?


Would be in the next new rotation turn


No, I don’t think so. I’m still figuring out how the new Mythics get put into rotation, but my best guess is that the September mythic won’t even be in the next rotation that starts in a couple weeks, but the one that will start two months after that. I still don’t have a lot of data to work with, so I could be wrong.

Edit Sept 4: OP is updated for this week and I also updated the Legendary list a few posts above this one. Two weeks left in each rotation.


does anybody know what day ubastet will come to the soul forge again


The short answer is No. The longer answer is sometime between 3 weeks and 11 weeks from now.


Looks like Skadi is going to be in the last week of the current Soulforge rotation. I also wanted to craft Stonehammer when he cycled back around, but I am going to be about two weeks short on gems after Skadi. What do you all want to bet he shows up in the first week, meaning I have to wait another cycle for him?


OP is updated. With the current rotations for both mythics and legendaries finishing next week, Monday the 17th will feature the mythics Draakulis, Skadi and Voice of Orpheus (plus one other to start the new rotation), and the legendaries Glaycion, King Bloodhammer, Leviathan and Webspinner.

Question: has anyone seen a statement from the devs as to whether Legendary faction troops will appear in the Soulforge?


Arachnean Weaver will probably be next week since I really want it on my second account and won’t have enough diamonds.