Soulforge Mythic Rotation


It’s my understanding that the next rotation “resets” everything, so he has a chance to appear at any time during the next rotation, not necessarily near the end again.


Except for next week as he can’t appear in consecutive weeks. But otherwise, anywhere in the next rotation.


Ok, thanks for that. I’ll just have to be patient… :frowning:


He could come up again as early as June 25 or as late as July 30.

Have you counted any diamonds you might get from the raid and considered buying the 50 gem dungeon packs in the remaining days this week? If you’re that close, you might be able to squeeze out just enough this week still. Treasure gnomes may give you a few too…


I’m on 3319 Diamonds at the moment which means I’m 681 away from 4000.

I can get 80 (total) from the next 4 Dungeons and 40 on Sunday, plus similar when I buy the Gem Bounty.

That mean I’ll still be short and buying 50 Diamonds a day at £4.29 wouldn’t be enough and isn’t cost effective either :frowning:

I have (once) got 5 Diamonds from a Gnome, but that’s unlikely at the best of times.

PS My Guild has already completed all the Statues, so there’s no more to be gained there either.

I’ll just have to wait until PR turns up again to be crafted unless I get very lucky from a Chest…


You get 70 from the dungeon on Sunday and 80 more from the 50 gem pack on Sunday (and you’ll pick up some shards which you can convert to diamonds as well), but even then it will probably leave you short. Hopefully he’ll come up early in the next rotation for you…


According to Taran’s World (I’m not home to check in-game on console) Wulfy has appeared in the chest again this week. That indicates that since switching to the rotation system, the back-to-back week rule has been removed and the question becomes whether it was intentional or unintentional.


Jeez devs, “random selection without repeat” is so trivial I’ve never even seen a company use it as an interview question.

Can we just go two updates without botching something? So far we’ve only made it 1 in all of 2018.


Original post is updated and a new rotation starts today. The Wild Queen did not appear in the last rotation, so it appears that some delay is confirmed before newly introduced mythics are put into the rotation. If it is a 4-week delay, then Ubastet won’t appear in this rotation.

I have scratched the section that says that mythics won’t repeat in consecutive weeks since Wulfgarok appeared last week and again this week. It’s possible he won’t appear again until September 17 now, but could potentially appear as soon as July 30.

For this week, Scorpius is showing as both in the soulforge and available to appear next week. He was the last troop in the previous rotation, so he should appear in the current rotation. Maybe as early as next week…


One of the guild members in Black Dragon Court posted a screenshot on our Discord channel, taken at 3am EDT, that shows Scorpius twice in the Soulforge (I guess a bug with the start of the new rotation). 45 minutes later he reported that the Wulfgarok replaced one of the duplicates. Is it possible that this “manual” intervention (I assume) caused the little inconsistency about mythics appearing back to back? Obviously an official word from a dev would solve matters, but it may be that the non-back-to-back appearances could still be valid.


Oh dang, new rotation already. This thread is super-helpful and I just wanted to tell you and post a cute bunny opening a letter as thanks!:blush::rabbit: Also I have exactly 4k diamonds again and now dunno if I should craft Euryali or wait for Plague since he can appear again any time now.
By the way, does anyone know if GW troops cannot appear in the summoning stones anymore? With GW only every three weeks now, I would like to use the stones to get copies of the troops, but I haven’t seen them in there anymore since quite some time. I know they used to be in there, though.


Yes, my GL noticed the same thing after reset, but given that “the no-repeats in back to back weeks” thing was meant as a poor substitute for the rotation that they eventually implemented, there is no reason that they really need it. Unless I hear otherwise, I will assume that they are just using a random selection without repeat approach.

I don’t know for sure, but I have a vague memory of reading something somewhere that confirmed that they weren’t meant to appear in the summoning stones.

And that is the best letter-opener I have ever seen!


Most likely. Should fall under the same situation as Treasure Gnome, Pet Gnome, Valraven, and Cedric Sparklesack.


Re: Scorpius. I will guess that appearance #1 of Scorpius this week was the end of the previous rotation, and appearance #2 was from the next rotation. Which would explain why he is still available next week—he hasn’t appeared in this rotation yet.


That sucks. :frowning: These troops should be in guild chests too at this point, since the promise of the devs of changing how GW works after six weeks in the new system was obviously really just an empty promise. :confused:


At this point they don’t actually have a plan for GW anymore other then letting it fade out slowly. Everything they say about it is made up as they go along.


Original post updated for this week’s rotation. Nothing surprising this week.


Will this still be updated? It’s really quite useful! :slight_smile:


It will be, but not for a few days. I should be able to resume regular updates next week.


I have updated the original post for the last couple weeks. I thought @Taransworld might have put me out of a job, but I think the OP spells things out a little more clearly for anyone looking for a quick answer so I will continue to maintain it.