Soulforge Mythic Rotation


The original post is updated for this week’s releases. With 4 troops remaining, we know what will appear next week, assuming Arachnean Weaver was put into the rotation as it should have been.

In other news, I have quit the game. If anyone would like to take this thread over, all you need to do is start a new thread, copy and paste the text of the original post into your new original post and then update the troop releases weekly. I use to update the Soul Forge changes from week to week. When the rotation rolls over, you would just need to move all the troops from the “already appeared” list to the “available to appear” list, insert any newly released mythics and maybe re-alphabetize the list. I do keep track of past rotations on a separate spreadsheet, but there’s really no need for it.



I know I said I wasn’t going to update this thread any more, but my curiosity got the better of me, and showed that I had made an error in a previous rotation.

Ubastet was released on June 1, with the 5th Mythic rotation starting on June 18. Based on my previous hypothesis, I believed Ubastet not to have been included in rotation 5, but instead to have been the first troop released in rotation 6 (and rotation 7). It seems he was actually the last troop released in each of rotations 5 and 6. Going forward, I would assume that any Mythic troop that has been released prior to the start of a new rotation is eligible to be included, though from my memory, I think this wasn’t always the case. If Megavore appears next week, that may confirm that newly released troops are getting added to the rotation, but it seems suspicious that they are always coming up at the end of their respective rotations, so maybe there is some kind of manual override happening in these cases. I don’t know. Anyway, not really my problem anymore.

I’ll probably update one last time next week so that anyone who does want to pick this up has got a clean starting point.




Thanks for your work on this and the console catch-up before that. I’ll miss seeing you around here.

I am glad that @Taransworld has this data on that site, but it was still nice to see a display of what’s left in this rotation. This should/could be my last rotation I need to craft from so I won’t need the list anymore.



Sorry to see you leave the game, @Stan. I always enjoyed your posts. Thanks again for plotting out the soulforge mythic rotation.

I hope you find a new game adventure soon. :smile_cat:



Sad news, but thanks for all your contributions @Stan and i hope you fully enjoy your next experiences in other games/communities.



Hey Stan, thanks for doing all the work to track these. I was wondering if you could tell me if lust has already been seen in this rotation or if it’s still in the pool? Thanks



Sadly Stan, one of my friends, is not around anymore as he left the game, but hopefully someone else can answer your question.


Lust is still in the current pool

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Any ideas of when will Fenixia be in the forge? That someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Irongut was released later and has left 2 times in the forge and Fenixia none



19 mythics have appeared in the current rotation, that leaves 18 remaining. So phoenicia should be in the forge within 5 weeks
Irongut was released in december 2018, phoenicia was in january 2019