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Soulforge Mythic Rotation

EDIT: Just editing the post with what Mythics have showed up in this rotation…

So with the additions of this week and last week the list of Mythics that have been made available to craft in the soul forge on this rotation are:

Champion of Anu
Jotnar Stormshield
The Posessed King
The Wild Queen
Queen Aurora
Shade of Zorn

Any Mythic that is not on the above list will be available to craft on this rotation which will last over the next two months. I didn’t think we’d see Shade of Zorn so soon but there he is.

I dumped a decent amount of resources to get him when he first came out. Yes, I do know he is in ass tier along with Gargantaur but what can I say? His card looks cool and some mythics are sort of like Pokemon- gotta catch 'em all!

I’m still trying to figure out a decent team for this guy but I’m seriously not getting anything. It’s easy to find a team for him but one that can take out the enemy quick is a whole other story. Qilin looks like a troop that would fit great with him but then I’m at a loss. I feel like Gar’Nok belongs with Shade but if I put in Qilin him and Gar’Nok are cannibalizing each other’s mana. If anyone has a decent team for Shade let me know.


Does not compute

gaaaaaaaah! :smile:

Does anyone know when Queen of Sin last appeared in the Soulforge (or will appear next)?

I’ve got 4000+ Diamonds and want to craft it, but if it’s only been in there recently, I’ll craft Xathenos now and do QoS later.



November 11, previous cycle.

Next Sin of Maraj event is current set for

this day

February 3rd, 2020


So it could be any time in the next few weeks… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, I’m not desperate for Xathenos and the only other “Kingdom” troop I don’t have is Gargantaur, but it won’t benefit me until the Grosh Nak Class is released, so I might as well wait for QoS to appear.

Thanks for the info :+1:

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Well xanth is trash and gargan is even worse. So I would hold off if I were you.

Why do you think I’ve waited until I’ve got virtually everything else before I considered crafting them :slight_smile: :+1:

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Is there an updated version of this thread?

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I’m guessing no then?

I don’t know if you know it already. The best place to look at the current rotation is the website Taransworld. There you can see what the current cycle is and which Myth are already went through the rotation.


Did not know that. Thank you