Soul Reward in Arena

Just an FYI

As part of the server update on the console that was applied today the Arena Soul reward has been increased.

Old Soul Reward: 200
New Soul Reward: 500

EDIT: This is for 8 Wins

Nice. I need more souls. And 10 trophies.

I just got my first Major Nature Traitstone while playing Arena. Is this new or a bug?

Probably new as it really shouldn’t have been stuck on Broken Spire’s colors.

Just got a Minor Red. I’ve been use to getting Broken Spire’s stones. Didn’t really mind. So if its new, then that’s great along with the better reward system.

It should be possible now to get any type of traitstones from the arena.

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I got an Arcane Light, both not Broken Spire colours.