Arena Oops. Dev heads up

Just a simple heads up to the Devs. Arena gives the player the Broken Spire banner. (+1 blue/brown) Just thought you might like to know…

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Might be intended. Broken Spire is where the Arena is based.

Just musing.

Entirely possible…but if it isn’t… I just thought they should know. :slight_smile:

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It’s always been like that on console.

Interesting. On PC there have been no banner bonuses since they split the bonuses from PvP from the home kingdom and into the individual teams.

It’s good to know, might help for some troop choices.

It has been awhile since I played Arena and to be honest, never paid any attention to the fact there might be a banner at play. :wink:

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Plus the troops of Suncrest and Urskaya and the troops that have been recently released are missing in arena. That must be the 4th time I notify it on the forum…

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