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Soul Math 12345

Are there any good discussions of the exact mathematics of soul generation? Something that I covers difficulty/armor/necromancy and caps? I’m not looking for team design, just actual formula.

Yes, sorta as well as an updated formula i am working on but i have my hands full with too many math projects at the moment.

So… yes but no?

Basicly there are multiple soul threads that contain numbers on the subject however it comes down to:
(Souls summoned)multiplier*trait amount<>=soul cap however i believe this is too easy as it is off the top of my head.

Not sure what you’re looking for.

You get 1 soul per troop you kill in battle.
1 soul each time you use Avina’s skill.
1 soul each time you use Soul Blade (Hero weapon)
1 soul on a 4 or 5 match on a fully traited Hero (Necromancer)
x souls each time you use Valkyrie’s skill (it’s variable).
50% bonus for each appropriately traited troop that has the Necromancy trait and is still alive at the end of battle.

Add all those up together and multiply by your Soul multiplier (from armor and difficulty). You will gain that many souls at the end of battle or 40 * your Soul multiplier whichever is lower.

(Edit: Forgot the Hero weapon.)


Sigh. I realize you’re trying to be helpful.

I feel like I have a good grasp of the generalities. But it would be lovely to have a detailed breakdown of exactly how the game calculates everything just so I can stop trying to explain it in chat to people and point them at a page to read.

I think that might do it. Thanks!

you get 1 soul per troop killed
you get any souls from spells/traits/abilities. (for instance: valk gives 10, and 50% from necromancy, that is a total of 15)
add all the souls up.

multiply the world screen soul number for souls and the base souls.

The cap is 40 multiplied by the world screen soul number.


n = number of troops faced
x = souls earned besides troops
y= % bonus from necromancy traits
m = multiplier shown on world screen

m*(n + x) + ym(n+x) <= 40*m
souls from spells and troops + souls from multiplies like necromancy less than or equal to cap


Souls gained after winning battle.
Souls = multiplier * min(40, (1 + necromancy%) * (enemies killed + bonus souls ))
Simple and elegant formula, you can just copy it and paste in chat if someone ask.


Maybe add the formula to the wiki?