Soul bonus mulitplier question

I have noticed players with a soul bonus of 2.75% on normal.

My question is how is this obtainable i know death knight armor and having VIP is there anything else which raises it other then raising difficulty?

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Yes Difficulty Level right under the Hero info on main kingdom screen
You have normal, hard, Warlord 1-4 I believe.

Each one increases your soul bonus.

Also guilds have soul bonus on Purple Statue.

In addition, you can get a lot more souls per round if you add any troop with Necromancy involved.

Thank you very much.

i was aware of the level difficulty.

I was unaware that the brown guild statue would increase it as well which i am sure is the reason i am missing the percentage.

Current guild brown statue is 55

Since i am level 4 VIP with death knight armor getting 2.5% soul multiplier.

My soul bonus is at 3.3 not sure how it breaks down

Sorry that is Purple Statue (I will correct my above post)

No worries i appreciate your time and explaining guild purple statue is 54

I think there might be one more place but I have yet to figure it out (maybe kingdoms …)

I don’t think you can get anything from kingdoms in this regard. AFAIR it’s this (all mentioned above, just to put it in one place):

  • armour
  • difficulty
  • VIP
  • guild statue