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Souls bonus HELPP!


I am receiving 50% souls bonus from guild statue, 100% from celestial armor and 25% vip bonus. A total of 175% which seems less than usual!

Or is this normal? !!

I was told the bug with celestial armor !!

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That’s actually high. I don’t get the VIP bonus and only use dragon armor for 50%. Only things that will increase it further for you is playing on higher difficulty levels and using Nero troops on your teams.

You’re good.

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That might be an auto-correct problem, but I think @Vanyel meant to say “Necro” troops, meaning troops with the necromancy trait.

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Are you speaking about how the display for bonuses is shown now versus prior to 3.2? Prior to 3.2, the modifiers displayed were your total gain rate. Post 3.2, the modifiers displayed is your bonus. For example, if you gained 50% from guild statue, 100% from celestial, and 25% VIP before, you’d have previously shown a 275% soul gain rate, and currently show a +175% soul gain bonus. (Also, difficulty is no longer included for the calculations shown on the map screen, but was/is still applied where applicable). All modifiers have always stacked additively. The end result is exactly the same, they just chose to display the data differently for whatever reason.

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I think showing the bonus in terms of what you’re getting in addition, instead of as a multiplier, makes the number feel more impactful at low values. A bonus that goes from “no bonus” to “50% bonus” is more exciting than a “100% multiplier” to “150%.” (Besides, showing it as “100%” baseline almost implies it can go below 100%.)

Indeed I did. They need to make a gamers’ version of auto correct that knows all the lingo for the games you play.

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My phone is gradually learning the names of all the troops.


My phone keeps autocorrecting slang/casual words like “mah” to “Mab” instead of, say, “man…” @.@

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