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Question about guild statue bonuses

Could someone explain me, please, how do these guild statue bonuses work. For example, is tribute chance bonus applied for each kingdom? Can Souls bonus give you souls over cap? What does Map Turns Bonus means?

Does anybody know if there is a cap for statue levels or its bonuses?
And how to obtain giuld guardians?

Thanks in advance!


No. It works like Armor or Difficulty bonus - applying after the cap.

In Treasure Hunt, you start with 8 turns plus your guild turn bonus. Maximum is 14 (=8+6).

The best bonus is reached at level 100 for each statue.

Use Guild seals to open Guild chests. On average, 50% of Guild chests will drop a guardian.


Thanks a lot! But what do mean “The best bonus”? Does it mean that after upgrading green statue over 100 level it wont contribute a bonus any more? How do you know all this? Is there the info somewhere? Could you please share a link. I havent find any.

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My guild is well over level 100 on all statues and the statues say the next bonus level is 10,000. Pretty sure no guilds are at that level.

I want to know when/how long it will take to reach that level.

Around 10 years

Only nine more though, considering the thread is a year old! :wink: