Guild War % Color Bonus Rebalance?

Noticed my guild’s color bonus was randomly reduced by 30% from its prior 80%. Is this a glitch or has the percent been rebalanced?

Also, @Saltypatra @Nimhain , what level guild guardian does it cap at 50%? Or is it just a static 50% across the board now?

Ours (Black Dragon) shows 50% as well. It was 71%.

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There’s something very satisfying about quoting myself.

In all seriousness, the percentages were much higher than we anticipated.


@Saltypatra, are they 50% for all guilds? If not, what level guild guardian is the minimum for 50%? Need the info to reference for video so everyone knows.


Hope noone has battles left this week. If rhey do there gettin cheated :wink:

our color bonus jumped from 43% to 46% (78lv statues)

Okay, so it is safe to assume max is 100 then, and base is probably 20% at level 1.

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My main account guild with level 110ish statues shows them at 50% across the board (on PC). They were in the mid 50s before. My low level guild with level 60ish statues shows them in the low 40s percents (on Mobile). Not sure what they were before.


Got any fixed numbers for the new values on your low level guild? It sounds like it might not be a linear progression any more? (if we assume a base of 20% as before, which is still an assumption)

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Our guild has statues around a 100.

The 93 and 94 are 49%, the 98, 99 and highers are 50%.
Probably due to rounding.

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That is some really weird scaling, lol.

Definitely a lot more even.

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Base of 30% and +1% for every 5 levels is my current theory.

EDIT: Cept that doesn’t quite work with Mithran’s numbers since 57 is 41, and 58 is 42… unless it’s rounding related…

EDIT2: Actually it does match, 58 / 5 = 11.6 while 57 / 5 = 11.4


100 is the new max, with the percentage capping out at 50%.


Now that this has happened, does having guild statues higher than 100 do anything at all? Mana masteries?

That is all.

Great news! And thank you Devs so much for changing it so fast! :slight_smile: