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Guardian Statue Info - Need Help

Does anyone know what stats guild guardians get and the specific levels for all of them to give additional bonus? I would preferably need someone like @Lyya or anyone else who peeks at the files on a regular basis. @Sirrian and @Nimhain would probably know too.

I am going to be making a YouTube video soon on pretty much everything related to guild tasks and a guild’s guardians. All of the guild tasks I have compiled, and I know some of the guardian level payouts, but I want to make sure all information is 100% accurate for the video.

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So you mean the level up stats? or do they get stats else where? Or is this the statues as opposed to the troops? I’m happy to look into stuff if I’m able to help, but I’m still learning my way around the new guild stuff.

I just need to know what bonuses the guild statues give and at what specific level they get each one up to level 100.

Mastery amounts are equal to the level of the statue.

Red Statue
Fire Mastery
Tribute Chance increase (+5% at 80, next bonus at level 100) - 80 is one of the points for this statue. I THINK it was 4% before 80.
Attack bonus (+3) on completion of all red tasks

Blue Statue
Water Mastery
XP Bonus (+40% at level 83 currently, next bonus at level 90)
Armour Bonus (+4) on completion of all tasks

Green Statue
Nature Mastery
Map Turn Bonus (+5 at level 81 currently, next bonus at level 100)
Life Bonus (+4) on completion of all tasks

Yellow Statue
Air Mastery
Tribute Amount Bonus (7% at level 76, next bonus at level 80)
Life Bonus (+4) on completion of all tasks

Purple Statue
Magic Mastery
Souls Bonus (35% at level 78, next bonus at level 80)
Magic Bonus (+2) on completion of all tasks

Brown Statue
Earth Mastery
Glory Bonus (+1 at level 76, next bonus at level 100)
Armour Bonus (+4) on completion of all tasks

That’s all I can get based on my guilds current levels. Hopefully others can chip in more.

EDIT: Formatting


All statues bonuses are capped at level 100.

Red statue : +1% tribute chance per 20 level
Blue statue : +5% XP per 10 level
Green statue : +1 free map turn per 20 level
Yellow statue : +1% tribute rewards per 10 level
Purple statue : +5% soul drops per 10 level
Brown statue : +1 glory per 50 level

However, red statue is capped at 6% and green statue at +6 turn, so there should be a level up in between two multiples of 20 (unless they have a base value higher than 0 but I doubt it)

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Our Green Statue at the moment is providing a +5 turn bonus. Maybe there is a base amount on that one?

Our statue says next bonus level will activate at level 10000 or 1000 (can’t remember which)… Both out of reach for the next year. :wink: just got to 100. This is on console.

I meant (and edited) capped at +6*
Missed the key on the key pad ^^’

But, yeah, Green statue, like Red statue, either have a base bonus of +1 (wich I doubt) or, most likely, a level wich is not a multiple of 20 (probably 10 or 30) where it also upgrades the bonus.

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On pc mobile, are you guys getting the Brown +1 glory bonus? Because xbox isn’t.

We are getting, with all statue levels at 198/199:

Red: 6% tribute chance bonus
Blue: 50% XP bonus
Green: 6 map turn bonus
Yellow: 10% tribute amount bonus
Purple: 50% souls bonus
Brown: 2 glory bonus

All have their next bonus level at 10,000.

Sorry to drag back an old topic but this is the only place I could find any reference to this

Isn’t seem a bit steep that the next bonus (when we were doing them every 10-20 levels) is now 9k+ away? Seems a bit harsh especially how long it takes to get anything for statues. That would be more than 2 years or more …

Dev can you re-think this to be more realistic


To be honest I don’t think there IS a real bonus at 10,000. It’s just a big enough number that no-one is likely to reach it anytime soon. It’s a useful way to cap the growth, but still allow changes to be made in the future if the devs decide to add more in.

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Hey @Tacet
When you make this new video can you please also include the cost of leveling each statue?
Btw, really enjoy you youtube videos. Very informative and helpful. Keep them coming! :wink: