Soul bonus ended too soon?

After completing my last Arena-match a few minutes before the reset-time, I noticed I was only awarded 800 Souls instead of the 1600 Souls…

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Sorry about that - we ran it as close as we could to the event changeover.
If you contact support, they’ll check your logs and make sure you don’t miss out on any souls though.

Ah ok, thank you :smile:

Me too. I was happy to finish last battle 1 min before deadline and then … 800 souls lol :D.

The same here! I made a screenshot (F12 in Steam), but can not find it now - the folder GoW is missing in folder user\documents. :frowning:

You can find your screenshots in Steam under the [View] tab and click [Screenshots]. In the Screenshot Uploader select Gems of War under [Show:] and press the [SHOW ON DISK] button. Alternatively, you can find your screenshots manually under Steam\userdata\<communityID>\760\remote\329110\screenshots\ .

(But I don’t think you’ll need any screenshots as proof though)

Thank you! I found it. Finish at the last minute (5.59.25) lol: