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Some thoughts on new UI

Before I changed career paths (for the most part) to a dental assistant I worded in advertising. And I wanted to be honest without being insulting. White text especially over white or mostly white images is a eyesore and a half (ie hard to read or just can’t read at all). Element placement could use a lot better work. My old teachers from my college days would have poorly graded any work I did in that same manner (let alone doing it in a professional environment). So unsure what the UI designer was thinking. Using darker colors then mixing in splashes of brighter color, especially on screen is good to catch peoples eyes but not if constantly staring at it. As far as usability the old UI even if it needed work had far better usability. Some good examples of UI’s can be found either with desktop OS’s or even in other games. Not many of them will use darker colors. And if they do they don’t always splash it with very vibrant color. Almost feels like a forced color blind mode. Personally while it has some new elements that are nice, its mixed with others that seem rather dated or amateurish. My best friend commented that it seemed more a tribute to the UI’s of the 80’s. Which is funny but kind of mean.


I like your post @NekrosLucem. I woulda just like it with a heart. But I used all my likes on post about how chappy this new update is.


@NekrosLucem I found a job. And just in time. This whole thing has become not worth my time.

Now that I have those job I won’t have time anyway.

I had fun. Loved the guild. Maybe I come back when later. For now it’s goodbye. Thank you for letting me hang out in Vendetta.

Good luck.

Oh yeah…I will finish out this week and on Monday morning EST I will leave the guild.


What is UI guys?

User Interface, all graphical elements outside of the gameplay itself. (Windows, buttons, sliders, lists, etc.)

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