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New is not always better...UI

New UI is horrible, doesn’t have the fantasy feel the old drawn once did. Game had its own identity with the old art/UI now looks like a poor generic attempt in Unity.

Please revert back to old UI!

  • Keep new UI
  • Revert back to old (fantasy) UI

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I’m sure this has been covered multiple times in the past.
I’ll try and sum it up as quickly and politely as I can.

Close to none of the player base wanted/wants it.
Microsoft/Sony and the big wigs do want it.

Devs have received secret PM’s about how great it all is from people scared to voice their opinions on the forums. (Believe what you will).

Devs want the game to be more in line with other games of the genre, rather than it standing out.

I don’t get it. But it’s not my game so I have no say in the decisions being made.
I’m simply a paying customer. Well, I was :joy:


I am for a new interface but in a litle small change :slight_smile:

so much i want to say about the new UI, but i can sum it all up to this:

they chose style over substance, and i don’t care for the style.


It’s already been said pretty definitively that they’re not going back to the old one, or putting in a toggle. Sorry to disappoint you but that ship’s sailed.

Your best bet now is to give feedback and suggestions to improve the new UI and help get it to a much better place.


I’m fine with the new UI, mostly. I think overall it’s an improvement, though not really one that needed doing.

A few button placement oddities and other minor bits annoy me, and the status effect animations are a pain, having uniquely managed to be both overwhelming and unclear at the same time.

If I were in charge of the game, I wouldn’t have prioritised this over fixing bugs and developing new content. Still, I’m not in charge… and the devs have achieved a lot over the last three years, so I am sure there are sound reasons for doing it.

I certainly wouldn’t want to see effort wasted on returning to the old UI. I’d suggest forum-goers don’t waste their own effort still griping about something that simply isn’t going to get changed back.


I love how completely pointless this thread is. Literally every single player could say they want the old UI back, and they still wouldn’t change it. The UI changes were made so they could deploy the game easier to a foreign market (China). To that end, every single decision any company ever makes is NOT in the best interest of the customer, it’s in the best interest of their wallet. Money talks, BS walks.


Not stating what you want is much worse than keeping quiet. How is the developer to know? Not so pointless is it, that defeatist mentality will always leave you defeated.

As with other games going through transitions currently, the people have the power to impact these companies, the people only need realize it…

I hate the new UI mainly for the terrible aesthetic but also lacking of information, like guild tasks, etc…

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Yeah, for me it’s the aesthetic choices that I really hate and that seem most unnecessary.

I’m not even a huge loyalist for the old UI! I liked it fine, but could easily have accepted changes, to wit:

• The Troops screen has sucked for as long as I’ve played the game (about a year). Now it just sucks in different ways.

• The map screen changes were actually good, more information is conveyed in a clearer, more organized fashion.

• The GW screens mostly benefited from the UI changes. If not for the unfortunate nonsticking-defense team bug (finally gone I hope?) I would have been happy with the changes here.

The good news is that the worst things about the new UI are aesthetic, so should be easier to fix. For example, how hard would it be to push out a new set of Arcane Traitstone images that don’t look like Unicorn vomit? Or a new set of intelligible particle effects?

Posters who say the new UI is here to stay are correct. I still voted for the old UI, because overall it’s better.

We can at least hope that over time the devs will improve and refine the new UI until it looks less like an example of corporate malfeasance!

Just my opinion, but the new UI looks like a cheap bejeweled rip-off…instead of carrying their own and making others wished they had what we had…now we look like a cheap rip-off of others in the genre. If I had game making ability I surely wouldn’t mimic others just to “fit-in” I’d rather stand out!!

It was also easier to tell the different status effects on troops, troop health points were much easier to read, troops used to have the kingdom they belonged to on the card, now they are just to lazy to put it on the cards…etc.

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Maybe it’s a good job neither of us have such abilities :joy:

It’s the path they want to go down unfortunately. At this point they might as well stick to it. Not that they were changing their mind regardless of the backlash from, let’s face it…almost everyone.

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The new UI is for the purpose of rolling the game out to more regional languages over a wider range of devices. Therefore the old raster graphic interface is not coming back and we will see more and more vectors as the UI fully conforms to the new look.

The UI itself (not the graphical skin) is organized like an Enterprise/dating app or a web site, and it has been like that since day one, so given the direction it has been moving I don’t see it looking less and less this way and more like a game… well… ever.

I have absolutely no issues with the new UI, my issues are the fact that the game periodically freezes.

I did the original poll, and over 77 percent want to go back to the old UI. Since they changed everything to the “new ui” I stopped playing. If they ever went back to the older UI, I would be back, but til then either jump on the train or get off. I got off about a month ago and so did any future revenue as well.

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