Unofficial Poll for the new Game Interface

Too many heated thread regarding the new UI forum.
I’m just curious what the general consensus is if we do an unofficial poll for it.

  • I think the new UI is great! Let’s keep it!
  • I think it’s horrendous. Please go back to the old UI!
  • I’m just playing the game for its gem genre. I’m fine either way.

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OOPS. Someone created a poll post already ><
I just noticed. Ah well. Let’s keep both anyway.

Same answer as in the other thread. Don’t personally like how it looks, but we are likely stuck with it and should probably make suggestions on how to improve it going forward, instead of calling for a reversion we all know won’t ever happen given some features may be married to the UI and they already spent the time developing it. This needs to start first and foremost with text readability (Border. The. Text.) which will hopefully be able to be accomplished by just pushing some graphics and not need a patch and month or more long wait.