Some Kingdom Confusion


So, I’m still a bit foggy on a couple of kingdom related issues.

Does setting your home kingdom to KingdomA have any benefits other than double tribute?

These are other benefits I’ve heard of but don’t know if they are accurate:
In Arena, you get bonus mana based on your home kingdom’s mana colors.
[I’ve never seen the bonus mana icon displayed during arena.]

In PVP, you have a chance of getting a specific kingdom’s arcane stone if you invade an opponent from that kingdom.
[e.g. Invade Wild Plains opponent and get Arcane Beast.]

In PVP, you have a chance of getting an arcane specific to your home kingdom if you win a revenge battle.
[e.g. Your home is Wild Plains, and you win Arcane Beast after winning a revenge battle.]


Bonus mana no longer works in Arena.

Yes, all traitstones are linked to the kingdom fought in for the PC/Mobile version. Consoles have it on random for all kingdoms.

In defends, all defends will be from your home kingdom, so traitstones from defends will occur from your home kingdom. This may change with how defends work in 2.0.


Thanks for clarifying that for me.


Correct, Broken Spire is the Kingdom of Arena, for Mana bonuses and traitstones

Incorrect, sort of. People are claiming it’s random, I have never gotten a “random” Traitstone from Invasion. The confusion is that the name of the Kingdom shown on the PvP screen is wrong. You can always look in Guild > Activity and it’ll tell you what Kingdom you actually Invaded.

Correct. You get your Home Kingdom’s Traitstones on Defense Wins, not Revenges (unless they use the same Kingdom)

@Ashasekayi, take note.


Thanks for the reply.

Ok, here is where I get lost. So, let’s say that my home kingdom is Sword’s Edge. Let’s assume arcanes drop in each of these matches.

Match 1: I invade Wild plains and win. Do I get Beast or Blade stone?

Match 2: PlayerA, from Adana, invades me and my defense team wins. I assume no one wins a stone?

Match 3: PlayerB, from Mist of Scales, invades me and my defense team loses. I assume they win a Blade stone?

Match 4: I get revenge against PlayerB. Do I get Blood or Blade stone? Or, no stone at all?


Assuming an Arcane drops in each match;

Match 1: You win a Beast stone (fight was in Wild Plains)

Match 2: You win a Blade stone (fight was in Sword’s Edge)

Match 3: They win a Blade stone (fight was in Sword’s Edge)

Match 4: You win a Blood stone (fight was in Mist of Scales)


@Ashasekayi has it right for this one. Because it was a defense team (AI) that won, nobody gets a stone.


Thanks much :smile_cat:

I get it now. I was making it more complex in my mind than it needed to be. So no matter the PVP fight type, the stone that drops comes from the kingdom the fight is held in.


Not true for Consoles, I have gotten many Arcanes from Defense Wins.


Yeah, after all of that explanation, it boils down to this :smiley:


I see – thanks for the clarification. For PC/mobile, you definitely do not get rewards based on fight parameters on defense wins (no bonus souls, no traitstones, no Tyri maps); you get 3 Glory and some random odds and ends (a key here, a Gem there).



Are you Console or PC/Moblie?


I’m on the PC.



The confusion might be that you don’t see any Traitstones you get on Defense Wins, they just “appear” in your inventory. If you keep careful track of your stones like I do, you’ll notice when you get a “random” Arcane stone.


o.o I will need to pay closer attention then!