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[Solved] FIGHT and BATTLE Button in GW

Fight and battle button are on the same height (screen after screen). If there is a delay in loading and you press the fight button twice (because you think the game hasn’t registered the first touch/click), you will land directly in battle without selecting a color team. That’s annoying!

Change the height of the buttons on different heights to prevent accidental skipping of the team selection.

Besides, I don’t like the green Xbox buttons at all.


Same thing happen to me when i do some pvp, i use to do 3 trophy fights but sometime i click too quick on the “a” button and i am forced to do a 1 trophy fight

I already asked to put the cursor by default on the last difficulty fight but it look like they don’t care :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s that they don’t care, I think the are overwhelmed but the number and variety of bugs/problems being reported. There is constantly something being reported that was introduced with 3.2…

I agree with all the other stuff both of you wrote.

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Even though many people here in the forum are upset about the UI, the usability of the last update has improved in many places (search for more than one color, scrolling instead of clicking through a menu and much more).

This shows me that the Devs are always trying to improve their game and listen to feedback. It only takes time due to the complexity of the program which runs on different systems with different operating concepts (touch, mouse, controller).

somehow later on they changed it so the gw enemies are clickable directly. if you do that you wont “missclick” on the corresponding button afterwards :slight_smile: