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About the PvP programmable AI menu

Several questions after twiddling around with the new PvP programmable defense.

  1. Is there a setting for Guild War?
  2. What priority is Troop Spell set as? I’m frequently seeing the troops opt to match Gems instead of firing off the spells.
  3. Is there a way to reset to default?

I think these are the main ones that pop off the top of my head. I’ll add more as I encounter more questions.

I’m not sure I’m the best to ask about this as I’m not a dev, however:

  1. I don’t believe so.
  2. Not sure sorry
  3. I believe there is a Default button on the defense screen up the top that should do this.


UGH, Ok yea.
And this sometimes overrides the 4+ gems extra turns too =/
Well that’s just silly!

Based on how it is for console:

  1. No - guild wars runs on default settings.
  2. This is part of a complex calculation. Depending on the troops, mana amounts and board state, different actions can be taken. If you set the sliders to extreme values, you can get some weird and unpredictable results.
  3. We have a restore default button. it appears near the upper right portion of the screen. Might be different for you.

I think I figured it out.
Spell Priority is just assumed to be at the Middle Default Value, even tho we don’t have a slider for it.
So effectively, just assume your Max setting is in the middle ground if you don’t want your gem-matching to override Spell firing.

I’ll try and drag up some useful posts from the past which explains the sliders in more defail.



I’m excited to see how player’s experiment with the new sliders. Should be interesting to see what kind of teams I find and how they behave in PVP!


I just played GW, and I am clearly observing some strange non-default behaviors from the GW AI.
@GoldPhoenix0 Can we get a confirmation on whether the PvP settings will be applied to GW as well?
This is important for many players, because some of us use different defense teams for PvP and GW.

AI settings for Guild Wars is tricky. I use a different defense team for each day, so a setting that works for my anti-blue team might be awful for my anti-purple team. If I can’t set those team-by-team, I would be better off leaving everything at default. But setting AI priorities team-by-team is a huge hassle. I think leaving GW at default is a reasonable balance point.

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Just double checked the code and the PvP Defense Slider settings are ignored in Guild Wars.


Are you sure there isn’t a bug What if the person’s Defense team for PVP is the GW team as well?

Because I just witnessed the last GW game (Defense team) position 1 which was the EK ignored 3 skulls multiple times and the spirit fox who was in position 3 do what a player would do which was cast to remove the mana from my troops.

This person’s defense team showing on PVP is the same team for GW that I just fought

Personally, I think it should be removed entirely. I see the predictable nature of the AI as a really important part of the game. It informs how you play, the meta, etc. To the extent key info like that is obscured and unknowable, I think it’s a real problem.