Replay button for faster grind

With the 4x speed the actual battle takes up less time than the time in between battles. A replay button after a fight could get you right back into a new game. The game could remember what you were doing, for example: explore and remember kingdom, team & difficulty.


+1 to this. I think it is a great idea and would certainly speed up farming stones. Probably best to offer options at the end of battle such as replay, change teams and exit?

This would be fantastic. It feels like a lot of the sluggish nature of the game from a farming perspective comes from a excessive number of button presses.

Last time they added something to allow us to play faster (4x speed) they slashed the rewards immensely.

As much as I like this idea, I’d rather not see it implemented as the repercussions would be ridiculous. Again.


I would rather see a good interface and the rewards made to conform to it, rather than keeping the egregious click-fest it is now.


Can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘good-interface’? Are you referring to a specific end-game screen or the UI in general?

I don’t know the diplomatic thing to say here, Cyrup :worried:

I really feel like your organization, in general, is being more receptive to what the community is asking for and that is a wonderful thing!

Well when you finish explore battle you are kicked to the world map so adding a simple continue or quit button after the battle would be awesome.

Also on console when you finish a 3 trophy pvp fight, if you want to keep doing 3 trophy fights, you need to move Left stick twice on the right and then push the “A” button. so when you continually tap the “A” button to skip rewards screen sometime you click on the 1 trophy fight and then you are forced to do that fight. So a simple solution would be to make the cursor stay on the last choice of trophy fight and then you only need to tap the “A” button and skip the Left stick operation

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I think this post sums it up fairly well.

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Awesome! Thanks for reminding us. Sirrian has added it to the feature request list.


To add my 2¢, I’d suggest calling such a button “Explore Again” instead of “Repeat” or “Replay” because to me, those actions (especially “Replay”) imply another match against the same team, instead of against a new random team.

At any rate, thank you for considering this feature!


This is why i think continue or quit is more appropriate in this case

So there is a feature request list… It could be so nice to have a sneak overview of it. Or to know how many items are on it. :slight_smile:

Haha great to see that another “visualisation” made by me got an approval from a developer, I mean @Cyrup!
Thanks for mentioning my post @Lyya! :smiley:

And about Replay/Explore again button. I think that just Continue would be most appropriate to it, because, as I said in the post we are in fact “continuing exploring”. Just my thoughts.

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Unfortunately we can’t show you because it’s apart of a larger system of requests, features, design plans, etc.

I’ve made a note on the request that the community things something pertaining to ‘continue’ rather than ‘Repeat/play again’ is preferred

Does anyone else agree with this idea? (continue vs repeat)


Yes, I think ‘continue’ is more clear.

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I think continue + quit would be good for the 2 options with continue loading another explore instantly and quit taking you back to kingdom map. But please put continue as the default option that is selected for us console players.


+1To this also! Be so useful please dev’s if possible! <3

@Cyrup in GW, any way show progress of every team in the same bracket then you?

It could be added to the ranking page, nothing fancy, just a progress bar 0/900

That would be really nice to know how many fight your biggest rival got left. The only way we can find out is when we fight each other

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