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Echoing a Request For A Repeat Button On Explore/Treasure Hunt

I see that it’s been asked before back in 2016, and I don’t know if it’s been brought up again or not, but I’d love the option of having a Repeat / Once More button after doing a round in Explore or Treasure Hunt so we can go through them in a more expedient manner rather than being kicked back to map, click the appropriate icon, then the appropriate choice, then confirming at the next screen before it loads up another round.

I’d rather, you know, round over! Again? Yes/No and Yes just goes right into another round. Would save a bit of time, and since getting Traitstones in Explore can take hours even with the 2x and 3x drop rates (twitch) it would help a lot!


Well, the team is all on one code base now, so quality-of-life ideas like this will be easier to implement! Right, @Saltypatra? :smiley:

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And we know the UI is a focus area for the next update…

For next next update :wink: .

My only objection is that the “again” prompt would be another thing to mash through for Explore and might accidentally miss it, when odds are I only want to return to the map <5% of the time. Who just does one Explore and goes, “yep, I’m good for now”, outside of getting that one arcane drop last arcane drop they need in one battle. I think they could handle exiting one screen to return to the map in these rare cases. I wouldn’t mind an “again” prompt if it also let me bypass the scout screen and go directly into the next fight, since thats another menu I wouldn’t have to go into.

I’d rather it didn’t bypass the scouting screen, as I need to look at that when hunting specific type enemies for weekly Snots challenges…

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Right, I meant for an “again?” button. If it is going to take me back to the scout screen, I don’t need an “again?” button. Just take me there after every explore. Thats where I want to be at least 95+% of the time, and its one button to go back to the map if I wanted the other <5%.

I just wanted to write exactly same topic so I will paste what I prepared here.

Many people are complaining about lack of Repeat button and this is fact that it’s strange that there is no such thing in a game yet. I prepared a visualisation how it could look in this new UI.

  1. Leave - is the current Continue button. I thought that renaming it to Leave would be clearer because we actually “leave” the explore rather than continue exploring.
  2. Repeat / Replay / Contiune - would be a good naming to repeat explore battle, but because for now Continue still actually mean Leave I don’t think it could be good. Maybe later in the future, because now it would be missleading.

repeat battle


Just throwing my obligatory yes onto this.

For me the monotony of explore isn’t explore itself. It’s having to go from menu to menu every single time, over and over.

Please. Just, please.


We literally have the technology to do this, its already in PVP. Its been on the To-Do list for over a year or something. I don’t get it…

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Completely agree with this.

Yes please.

This would save me from certain arthritis in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

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