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3.2.5 Feedback and suggestions

I think the biggest problem with the arena is that godawful lag. Seriously, it’s ridiculous at the end of every fight. I played for my daily tasks a few days ago for the first time in awhile and even when i craft my dawnbringer in a week i won’t be taking it to fight in there. Pvp is a much faster and efficient way to get gold and trophies, and i usually have tds on my team so souls accumulate fast, now i can put pharos in with him and get them even faster. I did like fighting with troops i rarely use in the arena but as long as the screen freezes and stutters and the end of the battles it’s just not fun, db or no db. I’m too impatient.

Total different topic: Treasure Hunt backgrounds.

Someone please tell me if I’m wrong, but the background manipulation for treasure hunt doesn’t seem to work anymore. It used to be that you got the last background you had seen, so if you checked your mail, you got the background you see in the mail window. If you were exploring in Maugrim Woods, you got that background.

The semi-transparent background has been difficult for some people anyway and treasure hunt offered the possibility to at least use the background people were comfortable with the most. But now, this was changed at it seems stuck on the background with the treasure piles.

This is not a good background for a semi-transparent board in any way or form. It is a very busy background, with all the gold coins, and is not fit at all.

I would love to go back to being able to choose my own background for treasure hunt if I already can’t make the board less transparent. Granted, the particles in treasure hunt are especially obnoxious anyway because of the endless cascades, but combined with the busy background, they are a million times worse. I would love to do treasure hunt with Broken Spire or Leonis background again; at least that was doable and fun.

Treasure hunt is awful, even for me and I have zero issues with anything else, well maybe constantly flashing barriers after casting db aside, I struggle playing TH now.

could you add a confirmation to key purchases? i’ve accidentally clicked the buy key button a couple of times now that you’ve changed the buttons to encompass half the screen.

Can you elaborate on this a little - are you referring to the screen that appears once you have selected a chest in the ‘Chests’ menu?

Clarifying that the issue is the pile of treasure background (or any background) makes the board difficult to see? Or is it that the board is ‘semi-transparent’ and doesn’t work with most backgrounds?

Cyrup, I for one know the semi transparent effect has a dizzying effect and cause those of us with vision issues unwanted issues as well. I would opt for a standard contrasting solid color if I had my choice.

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Both, actually. The background is very, very busy, so even the part seen outside of the board is distracting because of too many coins and details and harsh on the eyes. But the semi-transparent board is what invokes the headaches.

Compared to Leonis (which is very soft-colored and has little details on the bottom because of the sand and was my favourite background for TH as it also didn’t blend with coin colors for my limited vision), this is pretty much hell. Actually, I think with the exception of Blighted Lands (which is just horrid with the bright colors in general), there’s no background as bad as the treasure hunt one now. Way, way, way too many details. Backgrounds should never be distracting from what’s the main/important part of the screen.

But we all know that the semi-transparent board is the main issue, of course, which makes not just TH rough. TH is just the worst of all now because of its background.

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When viewing players list in Guild…can it be set so it doesn’t jump back to the top of the list every time you click on “Profile” or some other option for each player. It makes it pretty annoying to have to scroll right back down to where you were, especially when sorting your team.


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Already added to the QoL/feature improvements :wink:

What platform are you on? Mine doesn’t do this.

Mine does and I’m on PC/Steam.

EDIT: There seems to be some wonky stuff to it, as it not always happens, but I have been unable to figure out why it happens sometimes and sometimes not. It seems to maybe be related to the fact that sometimes my mousewheel lets me scroll the list and sometimes doesn’t and I have to do it manually. It’s all weird.

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Can you fix the formatting in the Guild “Roster” TAB as you scroll down the members it gets more and more skewed so you are no longer able to clearly see who is at the top and / or bottom as it not “formatting” correctly as you scroll down on the PS4. It is very annoying and please do something to spruce up the Roster tab the white on grey on more dark grey has to be the most bland thing in video games since Pong! I like the colors of the old roster screen why such a dramatic change (Imo for the worse)?

Cyrup…I’m using PS4

I don’t know about the rest of you, I’ve gotten use to the new changes. I prefer the classic UI look. Maybe if they made a film based on this game I might think differently and be more receptive because it would be very Star Wars-Guardians of the Galaxy kind of theme-like. They’re kinda halfway there with their soundtrack lol. Or maybe it can become a MMO game some day. Who knows.

Current UI looks better on TV though than on my PC widescreen monitor. It was in fact the first game I tried out on our brand new 4K TV we bought a few weeks ago. The latest effects really pop during battle. Doesn’t hurt my eyes, nor do they annoy me. Having the option to turn them off will make its way into the game. They’ll do it eventually just like we’ve seen them add certain things that were suggested here.

In the end, either you still like this game, or you don’t like it anymore. For me, I still like it, but I just don’t play it as much. Other games have won me over and my dollars are going there instead. Happy New Year, Everyone! :money_mouth_face:


Current UI looks better on TV though than on my PC widescreen monitor.

You can’t say we don’t like console anymore!!!

I took a look at the guild roster and honestly I’m not sure what you mean by the ‘formatting’ looking wonky or skewed. What is your platform?

Not sure why this happening we’ll keep an eye on it.

@Cyrup as mentioned I’m on the PS4 (I had said “as your scroll down on the PS4” in the original post). Back to the topic at hand though please see the picture of exactly what I mean below:
You should be able to see all 5 people both this week and all time stats clearly at all times no matter where i am on the list of 30 members as you can see that is not the case (it is at the top and the bottom but it gets worse as you scroll down until it fixes itself at the bottom again)

Roster Screen Mis alignment

I think I get you. That’s how scrolling works, though, as you scroll you see more? Or are you hoping for a scrolling that is done in chunks of 5, so you scroll your (mouse/controller) once and see 5, then once and see 5, rather than a slow scroll?

@Cyrup no this is not normal behaviour on the PS4 as we don’t have a mouse wheel. When we push down the D-pad it should drop one name and it should display 5 names clearly at all times (The top member info disappears from the top and the new member appears on the “bottom” and it is clearly visible to see the weekly and all time stats. It used to work this way before the UI update). The easiest way to see it to have a Dev fire GoW up on the console and just scroll through the 30 members and it’s easy to see how it no longer keeps the 5 members listed clearly visible anymore once you get a little ways down the list. I should also point out the console doesn’t have the “precision control” like you’ve described that I’m assuming is on the PC with using a mouse wheel. Whether you use the D-pad or the 'thumbstick" on a PS4 controller you are only moving 1 member at a time for each “instance” it records feedback for a direction (hopefully that makes sense).


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Closing for 3.3. release. Please post suggestions on the latest update in the new thread.