"Retry" button for fights

There are countries with unstable internet connection, and im unlucky enough to live in one of them. Periodically goverment internet control systems cut down some servers. It ruined a couple of GW fights for me, and it always happen out of nowhere.
How to fix it? Just add a button ‘Retry connection’ whenever loading screen / post-fight server connection takes too long (15s for instance). By pressing it player will send/receive the data again. This way I will have a chance to launch VPN and fight properly without losing points from the battle which is already won or hasnt even started yet.

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My game actually does this (playing in Steam version). When loading takes too long, I get a retry button. However, it’s a bit longer than those 15 seconds; I’d say after about a minute.

Changing your IP mid-game might cause troubles though, I would imagine…

Yeah, the timeout is on the order of about 60 seconds. Everywhere. I don’t know why this is the assumed standard…

In the meantime, you can actually force the error/retry message to appear by toggling “Airplane Mode” (aka. disable wi-fi) on and off.

I see no reason to make it shorter than a minute. A minute or two is a good line between “upload is running a little slow” to “there might be something wrong, let’s start this again”. A limit of 15 seconds might even get in the way of some regular loading.

Ip doesn’t matter, game only sends data, the 3inarow minigame goes offline, only need to send and to receive the data. Ive been stuck on those screens for longer than a minute, so thats not always the rule

Thats just a button, if you know your connection is poor, dont click it

It’s a bit more complicated than that. Unless Gems of War has received some extensive internal reworks, clicking that button too early may have significant side effects.

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Don’t you guys have phones? (TM Blizzard)

Oh, I do have a phone. Retro model. Rotary dial, cablebound, mechanical bell. Sturdy and heavy enough to be a potential murder weapon. Instruction manual was four lines of text: Lift handset, dial number, do call, hang up. The rest are blank pages to write down numbers.
Love it.


for sure it requires more coding/time/tests, like every other good thing. Would be grate to have a game which just sends revenue to accounts w/o any updates, but here we are.