Finding opponent 's looping



I do not know if anyone has mentioned this, but sometimes finding opponent 's looping always mentioning weak opponents or … even if one long patient.

The current solution that I use : exit the game and restart it .

Maybe you could fix this problem in the next update.

PS: it is not a connection problem , “connexion lost - retry” does not appear



Could you tell me a bit more about the issue you’re seeing? How do you mean opponent looping?


Actually, I’ve had the same issue several times. Basically, the game starts searching for an opponent… and never ever finds any. So you’ll get the “too weak” card on a loop, and you need to close the game and search again to find an opponent. It’s a bit frustrating but closing and reopening the game always fixes it.


Ah this issue! Sorry, makes sense re-reading it now. Thanks @Archenassa!

This is actually a fundamental problem in the tech that Gems of War is built on unfortunately. It’s caused when alt-tabbing or unfocusing the Window while searching for an opponent. Because it’s an issue out of our control, we don’t have a fix incoming for it, but keeping the window focused will prevent it from happening.
It’s not impossible the tech might get updated at some point, but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one sorry!


Thanks for the tip!


Hi @KAYA43V3R,

Just a quick question.
What device is this happening on? e.g (IOS, Steam, Android).

Let me know step by step of what you do before this occurrences happens?

Gems Of War Support Team


This is like the oldest issue that most people have :smiley:

I am not 100% but i think its related to the game being played as the borderless screen, instead of normal fullscreen… This happened to me a couple of times when i search for an opponent, then press window key to change to my internet explorer (for whatever reason).

This also delays loading the standard quests/challenges.

Kinda related, i sometimes lose the sound doing this as well, basically game mutes itself :smiley:


This also happens to me at least 2 to 5 times a week.


Hi Full and all

1rst, thanks Archenassa to explain the problem

I’m on Windows OS and i play game in borderless screen like Nextreme (not full screen).

I know it’s an oldest issue but i want to make this post if a solution could be find.

This problem happens when we switch to the desktop but not always…

Thanks for your answer

PS: the next time the problem appears I would note the progress step by step, and i reply it


So step by step:

It seems that this bug occurs when I play in windowed mode (Steam / Windows OS).

When searching for an opponent if I click out of the window during the search the problem appears : “looping”

So sometimes it happens if during the search we click our desktop for various reason

So be careful not to click outside the window at this search time , or you will have to restart the game.

PS: if a fix can be find it would be nice :smile: