[SOLVED] Can you please investigate this

Twice so far.

EDIT: three times

From my understanding, it is nothing on my end. I have restarted three times now; and every time I complete a PVP match, I get an error message,

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You don’t happen to have the game open in any other device, right?

Nah. I only play on Steam.

I just had the same thing happen today.

I’m used to seeing it pre 2.0 (if I was playing on both my iPhone’s at the same time). But I haven’t been doing that since 2.0.

I also had an error message saying PvP was not available as it was the end of the event and was the changeover time.

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I got that one a few times yesterday. I may have to re-install the game.


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Exactly my issue. Did you get the points?

There has been a bunch of comments in chat about this happening as well btw.

It was a quest from the Glacial Peaks, luckly…

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@Ozball Thank you so much. You’re a god among men!

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I didn’t do anything other than see the chat and post the screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, but you have been on top of all the errors.

2nd time in a row from quest.

Having two screens allows me to multi task. I usually have GoW on one screen and the forums on the other :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is why I really hope the devs find a way to make it so the game doesn’t stop updating when you alt tab out.

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Our servers are currently acting up - sorry about that!
We’ve notified the server provider, and they’re currently looking into it, but no ETA on a fix yet.

On a related note, we’re still working on the second part of the server migration, and hopefully it’s 6 weeks away, so we should see less problems like this one after that!


Ok, thanks. :disappointed:

I was not able to continue the quests as it tells me that “Sorry it seems this battle may already have finished…”. When I am going back to the world map again and go back to the quests the same quest comes up, and I get the same window after the battle again. I am okay about it, I can continue the quests another time. :slight_smile:

I didn’t get a screen capture of this, but I also got a strange error “the Mongo database is unavailable”. I am guessing this is related. I had a PvP victory not counted, and my PvP opponent choices remained unchanged, as if my last match never happened.

Getting these error messages on average one out of every three games, no use at all to continue playing until these issues get resolved.