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Game just overall feeling very laggy, and error messages

I’ve got this message a few times. The game also seems to be taking longer loading things. I’ve also had the game go to black screens. I have to keep closing the application when it happens.

This happened after explore battle finished if that helps.


You’re not alone. The game runs on Commodore 64 servers.

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Just wondering if anyone else is seeing these issues, or if I need to try an update something, or if the game is just naturally running like cheeks right now?

Server overload?

Dont worry all the hackers get that. Goes away eventually apparently

I received it as well, @HKdirewolf

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Just had it. Overload often happens on Mondays, they should improve the servers, but I guess the cost isn’t worth it when other days are rather calm :o

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I’ve gotten that error message several times today.
Also a few busy servers, and one “match already completed” error.

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Man, error messages in this game are great. Sometimes I wonder if old text adventure messages are being routed through the user interface alongside data payloads.


Nope, nu-uh Lyya. I can award you no points for that.

Oh damn, there goes my whole day. Who else will validate me?!


Many, many people playing, cashing in chests, it’s Monday. :slight_smile:

That reminds me, we haven’t heard much of anything on the server changeover that was supposed to come this year sometime. Wonder if it’s still in the plan.


Yeah curious about that myself. Wondering if some of this isn’t due to that, maybe they’re trying to support some of the traffic on their own servers? Would be good to see them let us know where they’re at with it.

We’ve heard them say that the chat servers keep going down when they’re asleep, think that’s a hint?

Great now I can’t even get rewards? I haven’t changed guilds, so this is pretty loony.

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That particular error message was raised earlier. The gentleman in question stated he got the rewards despite the message.

Well he was a lucky man, because I didn’t receive any rewards. Triple-checked.

Oh right…

2 other guild members saying the same thing. They haven’t reported it yet though I think.

just out of curiosity what guild and is there any guild very near you in rankings? Like if you were in guild position 10 when the task was finished, then another guild passed you so you were 11 when you claimed, the server might think your guild didn’t match.

Negative, the guild is Mean machine. We’re at almost 2,000 trophies ahead of the guild behind us, and around 800 from the guild in front of us.