Error on Winning PVP


Error message appeared when I won. Pressing Escape closed the error window, but I still couldn’t do anything else except close the program. First I’ve seen, at all, since 1.0.7.
(Using Steam)


i got the same error like 5 minutes ago. Looks like a server error to me.
Dunno if i got the gold from the match. #dontcare


I am getting a similar or the same message.

earlier I got a message that said something like, “It appears a new battle was started or an old battle isn’t finished, we will return you to world map”.

Here is a shot of the latest error.


After my last battle, just a minute ago, i didn’t get the error.


Hi All,

We did have some issue on the server over the weekend and they seem to be fixed now.

If this still does occur please send in a support ticket and we will investigate it further.