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"The current PvP event has ended and a new one will be beginning shortly. Check back in a few minutes."

Whenever I try to enter PvP I get this message. It’s been [edit] 20+ hours since weekly reset last night and I’ve been getting this message [edit] all day.
I’ve closed and restarted the games multiple times, I’ve restarted the iPad, I don’t know what else to try.
(This is iOS)

I got a laptop and installed the PC (Steam) version.
It’s the exact same issue.

Just to clarify, when you say you restarted your iPad, did you hold the power button and the home button until it powered down (and showed the apple logo) or did you just power it off and on (by holding the power button)?

To clarify I restarted it, I didn’t power it down.

But like I said, I’m getting the exact same message on PC so I think we can rule out the OS or device.

Here’s the PC version, not that it’s really any different.

Ah, I didn’t see your PC comment so, yeah I definitely agree that would seem to indicate an account issue, not an OS issue. You may want to open an actual ticket with their support.

Edit: this is their support ticket link:

This is a bug that is known by the devs. Don’t know what they’re doing about it but it is incredibly frustrating when you win a battle and the game says “Nope. You don’t get the win. Ha ha.”

Win a battle?
I can’t play PvP at all, it’s been about 20 hours.
I also can’t collect any PvP Defense awards or reset my Defense team.

I just joined a new Guild and it’s not going so great for my contributions at the moment, either. :frowning:

oh sorry. You can’t even get into the battle. I only have gotten the message after a battle. @ogunther provided the link to support above. That may be the only way for you to try and fix it.

So now I’m reporting two bugs:

  1. I was unable to enter PvP from daily (Mon/weekly) reset until the next day’s daily reset (24 hours).

  2. Upon reset, it cleared my guild contributions to 0.

In my case, this is a new guild that I just joined right before the weekly reset, so all my numbers were 0. Meaning, I should have 0 previous contributions and only current contributions for the week.

What was the name of your previous guild?

(feel free to pm me if you prefer)