Solid players looking for strong guild


Two daily active players looking for a strong guild. I am level 201 and my friend is level 149. We donate about 5,000 a day each or more. We have our own guild currently but inactive players. If anyone wants us, please reply.


@Turintuor This people seems nice to your guild.


Would love to have you. We are very active and will build quickly


I go by Oddity. Im an actor in NYC and have plenty of down time to play :slight_smile:


Thanks serale


I thought you were on Ps4. This post is listed on PC/Mobile… Turintuor’s guild is on that plataform. RIP.


Your guild is on pc/mobile platform? And may I ask your current rankings?


Yes, we can be interested (Rainmaker, rank 6).
But, for the moment, we don’t have open slot and two guys are waiting for joining our guild…
PM me if you’re interested by our guild ;-).


can i steal you guys for my guild?


Tell me more… Tell me more


Guild rank, bonuses etc???


guild level 8, all bonuses at 3, have 662 trophies, rank 2785 and guild is still climbing smoothly every week. This is more like a kidnapping than stealing you for my guild and i contribute 22k to the guild every week so ya. Also guild is currently open and is called valleyofdeath and we have 25% gold bonus for the daily. Also all the hard work has been by one and a half members.


Sorry but my guild was at rank 374 and 100% daily bonus with 34 mana bonuses. Gonna join blockbusters