Looking for a Guild!


3 Around level 100 active players looking for a good guild to call home, Tried to do our own guild, and seems to be a bit underwhelming. Feels like we’re just playing the game alone.


It would be helpful for you to add which system you’re playing on. … XB1, PS4, PC/Mobile so you could get invites to the proper system.

Like myself, I play on XB1, so still on the older version.


Guild Chat
Guild Recruitment (PC/Mobile)

It’s in the forum post category for PC/Mobile.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry, didn’t see that. Was just looking at the latest post, and not sections. … Hope you find a good guild to join. :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: Have a wonderful night, and good luck in your matches ^.^


Thank you sir. And I would definitely be doing so right now, if I wasn’t still at work pulling snow duty! :slight_smile: …and if it was actually snowing. :smirk:

Been here 11 hours so far, and it’s only rained… but just another hour till shift ends.


Crit happens is a laid back mid 230’s guild we have masteries all at 19 or higher. get guild things every day. let me know your invite and we will be happy to have all 3 of you :slight_smile:


There’s a current spot in my guild right now, The Assplowers. It’s ranked 37th in the ladder. If you or any of your mates feel like you can give a solid contribution, feel free to message me with your ID name


I just posted about my guild, Horstianer. We’re ranked 28 overall and have spots for about 5 people (just did some house cleaning after the guild fell inactive). Let me know if you all are interested.