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Lvl 42 and lvl 60 players looking for guild

Pair of players looking for a guild. Don’t know much about guilds, but get the idea we should be in one. We are active and play daily on mobile devices or PC.

What version are you on. Xbox/ps4 or app/pc?

You should probably include what you play on, such as console, or pc/mobile

Edited to include that info. Thanks.

If i find room in my guild you will be welcomed.

I have room in my guild if you are still interested.

(6 months later) If they still are looking, then i have some ad news.

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Hi @rutkow20. Not sure if you’re aware or not but you’re necroing very old posts here. It’s fine, of course if you want to contact the OPs but if you could private message them instead of filling the board with zombie posts, that would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: