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Veteran Xbox One player looking for PC Guild

I recently moved from playing on Xbox One to PC and am looking for a Guild to Join. I only started playing 2 weeks ago on PC so i’m not a very high level but i grind. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Hi bugsy. What level were you on Xbox?

I was level 456 or something around that

Hi. The open spot in our guild was filled last night after I replied to you. Message me here in a week or two if youre still looking; it’s possible we’ll have an opening then.

if you’re still looking for a guild, we might be a great fit for you. We’ve a mix of established (1,048, 804,) mid (364) and rising 100+ players. Guild level 117, was just four players for three years and only recently opened up to 26/30. Only guild requirement is active play - no login without warning to Guild master for 2+ weeks = kicked. Our upper level players contribute resources and complete tasks for those still leveling kingdoms, and lower levels just contribute whatever they can. We do Raid Boss and Invasion for those who are interested (Boss level 220, Portal 5 this week). Many pet event opportunities from active PVP players. We’re a do-your-own-thing guild and just check in via Guild Chat. If that sounds good to you, let us know. Thanks and good luck in your search.