Small guilds look here (thread closed)

are you having trouble finding new members to join your guild then look no further ,because we would like your guild to join us and merge as one .
we have 7 active members ,came first in are gw bracket ,completing most of the tasks but we need some support to help us push further .
if you have any questions or ideas on a merge then please feel free to let me know
thanks for taking the time to read this :slight_smile: enjoy the game

we are still looking for any small - medium guilds to join forces with or even active people who want to join are growing guild ,even if you know someone or a guild who would be interested please let me know .
I know its hard getting guilds started and having people leave and being inactive this is why Iā€™m here hoping we can make the guild bigger and final thing if you need stats ,ppl ,level etc on the guild then let me know
thanks for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:

Hope you get things going well for yourself! If I played on PC I would certainly find a way to help out. Though sadly most of my contacts are on PS4. Still wish you a lot of luck. <3

thank you for your support ,it means a lot to me . its a shame that its not muti platform either <3 thank you :slight_smile: