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Guild Recruit or Merge. CLOSED. Mission accomplished

We are looking to either recruit new members into our guild or merge with another guild. Either way, just let me know.

How many in your Guild? So people know if they’ve got the room to bring your Guild members in.

Good Call. We have 6, but one of our members doesn’t really play at all.

Coool. Well, I’ve only got 2 openings myself in Order of Bastet, but if you do decide to merge, there are other Guilds that may take you and yours as a “package”.

I am in a guild that has 6 or 7 really active members and we are looking to grow. It would be great if we could merge. Let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details.

That sounds great. We have myself and 4 others that are fairly active. But we aren’t always active every week so we never reach tier 2 guild chests. If you have the room for 5-6 additional members. We would be glad to move over.

I have a guild with 7 members a few active regularly and some not so much, we are completely casual so there is no requirements, let me know if you’re interested we hit Diamond 3 gold rewards and are rank 3715 and climbing.

We are rank 61 and have 7 or 8 spots free… Let ma know if you are interested

Hey everyone.

Thanks for the responses. We have currently merged into another guild. Thanks again for all the quick responses.

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