Looking for guild - lvl. 94, 20k gold and 60 thropies a week


I’m looking for a guild with active members. For now i’m in a guild where only couple of members donate and it’s so annoying :angry:

I’m very active player, playing everyday. I donate about 20k gold a week and make about 60-70 trophies weekly. I have no problem with donating only for tasks that guild prefers.

My requirements is guild with better than 200 position in league and active members.

If you are interested plz feell free to contact me or send invite - TWEETY_4.

We can have some place for you ;-).
We are the Rainmakers (top 6 guild) and have some rules such as rejoining our FB group (GOW Rainmaker).
Your weekly contributions seems enough for us.

I would be very interested, joining fb group is not a problem, but i see you have full team for now…


In my guild is a open slot. The Guild is INFERNO (top 8).

We have no weekly trophy requirement. Just do your best and have fun.

If yes, then just replay me your invite code. ;D

I invite you.
Don’t forget to rejoin our FB group ;-).

I accepted invitation, thx. I will join FB group in the evening cause i don’t want to do it in work :smile:

MickiTheFox - sorry, but Rainmakers were first :slight_smile:

no problem. have fun. ;D