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Search new guild between top 10 at 20 max

hi i search a new guild i am lvl 574 and i have all 23 kingdom lvl 10, i ave 203 creature my code invite is
i can contribute at 100 at 150 trophee max and contribute golds at 150 k ou 200 k .
contact me

my contribute for a week of course ^^ 100 at 150 trophee and 150k at 200 k for week.

I sent you an invite. We’re not a top 100 guild, but we are top 350 and the guild is less than two months old. All masteries are 22+ and there are a few of us with all kingdoms maxed. We get quite a bit of gems and key tasks done every week. Some people are still working towards maxing all of their kingdoms. We don’t have any requirements. Just enjoy the game. If this sounds like a guild you’d like, feel free to join us.

hi greek-13 i research a guild in the top 10 or 20 max because before i was in the guild rainmaker who was top 4 and i search guild up for had more gems and keys for open more and more chests sorry but again thx at you.

You’re welcome. Good luck finding a guild that suits your needs. If you change your mind, feel free to message me.